Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 02:58 I should never have said "Matt has flaccid toast" while he was eating it. 'Flaccid' does not go over well with drunk people. Oh my word.
  • 03:02 Oh my goodness I am going to sleep. I ripped Eve's skirt. I am an accidental jerkface. The Flaccids are talking downstairs. Sleep now!
  • 15:42 Most of my flist is currently pissed off. And I am irked. Today seems like a Kiwi-community-wide PMS day, including Peeved Male Syndrome.
  • 15:47 Alright, but I can't help it: I still get excited at the sound of the ice cream truck, which I can currently hear. Giggletastic.
  • 16:58 I'm amused at the fact that my Arizona love has been pretty much replaced with Teddy love for a while. Also, still have sparkly lashes.
  • 18:56 "All I want to do is kick off these uncomfortable shoes, eat pizza and watch bad TV where people's lives are more screwed up than mine."
  • 18:56 And with that quote, Addison, you explain why half of Grey's and PP's fans exist. Thank you for being our screwed up TV watches.
  • 19:47 Why did I have to go and write about insects for a practical on the back of one of my novel ideas? Now I have to type it up. Oh my.
  • 20:07 If someone asked me right now, "What is university?" I would reply immediately, "A waste of paper" and walk away. Harrumph.
  • 20:14 I started writing my bucket list on my Birds' notes. I am now copying it down. What a life!productive evening. Not!
  • 20:32 Halfway through the term and I finally organise my shite. I have so much stuff to do. Fun fun fun. Start with cleaning my room. :D
  • 21:03 Apparently 14th February 1912 Arizona was admitted as the 48th US State. I could call V-Day Arizona Day if I wanted to. But I won't.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!

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