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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:15 That video of Mary McD just made my life. Giggles at the dancing. And her solo at the end. Oh, my. Classy.
  • 22:19 I think it's videos like that of Mary McD that used to leave me reminded of Mrs. Cav. Giggles. :P Okay, productivity, come back!
  • 22:31 Kee-dokie. Productivity is staring with a shower so I don't have to do it tomorrow morning. More sleep. Thinking ahead! Good Kiwi.
  • 23:02 Yay showering was nice. Now gonna sort through clothes and get my washing in, then clean & meditate & journal & read & productivity. Yay!
  • 23:11 11:11. Making a wish!
  • 23:14 Hate how when I'm saving icons I will save some going, "I will use this someday when I have a girlfriend." But also I kinda giggle.
  • 23:49 I put my washing in at a dumb time. Eh, whatever, let's be honest: I wasn't going to get to sleep at the right time anyway.
  • 23:56 Washing in machine. Room clean. Mind at peace. Journal with words. Yoghurt to be consumed. Book to be read.
  • 00:42 Blerg. Still have practical tomorrow. Then either home for a few hours or stay on campus until 5. Or nap on campus. Dunno.
  • 00:43 I also keep getting confused that I have to read/write Talbot because it's the surname of one of the girls in my group.
  • 00:49 The template for my brochure post says "INSERT PULL QUOTE!" I think I nearly peed myself laughing. This is a bad sign. Checking washing.
  • 01:19 Good good good. First load of washing is scattered around my room for drying. Another in a day or two. Email sent to group.
  • 03:22 I hate when colds leave your head completely stuffed up when vertical. Have been trying to sleep for an hour and a half now. D:
  • 03:23 I shut the window completely so it'll warm up in here, hopefully, but other than that I don't know what to do.
  • 03:40 Cold rooms and colds are ridiculous. I am generally a warm person and a heater in bed, but goodness, I would appreciate warm snuggles!
  • 03:40 Going to try to sleep again. A comment on my writing cheered my spirits and gave me hope that I'll be successful at life. Sweet dreams!
  • 07:54 Augh I am so tired. It is so cold. Going to have to wear so much clothing. Don't want to get out of bed. Is it back-in-bed-time yet? :X
  • 08:12 OK, NEED to get out of bed now. Leave in 20 minutes if I'm good, 30 if I'm bad and 35 if I'm terrible. Ick. Day needs to be over.
  • 08:19 Just accidentally killed a spider. Today is not starting out well. Have PJ bottoms under my jeans and I'm heading downstairs and out.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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