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Career Counseling - a Harry Potter rec.

Gen stories. The Heads of House speaking with six different students. The story delighted me! I read Luna's and concluded, "Oh, that's why Mrs. Maddison gave me funny looks." Then I read Hermione's and thought, "And that explain the looks from everyone else."

Ah well! Back to my lovely Internet time, then 'breakfast' at 4 p.m., onto some work and writing. :)

Due date on Friday. 15 sources out of 20-30. No freak out yet. Huzzah! Probably isn't a great reference list/bibliography, but at this point, I have chosen not be neurotic. Especially since it seems a bit ridiculous that they're teaching us to find references/write a bibliography in the SECOND TERM of our SECOND YEAR when we have been writing scientific essays/reports since at least first term of first year, if not in high school (as I did).

It's science communication. I think I'll live. Once more, my level of care is directly correlated with my level of respect for the course.
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