Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:53 I have written three songs today. How much work have I done, you ask? Well that's not a fair question... (Answer: none. Shite.)
  • 23:09 Kiwi, making a dragqueen version of yourself does not count as working. You are failing at this. Get on it!
  • 00:13 Grey's fans, watch this. It is freakin' cracktastic and I LOVE IT. Femmeslash for the win. Special kiwi appearance.
  • 00:16 I am picturing Teddy walking in on Cristina doing her dance-it-out thing. The thoughts in my mind are ridiculous. Giggles madly.
  • 04:24 I made a book recommendation that I've wanted to make for six years. I was beat to the punch, but at least I've done it now.
  • 04:25 It feels better. Why didn't I do it when I was 14? Ah yes. Fear she wouldn't agree/wouldn't like them. Circle of Magic is precious to me.
  • 04:28 How does one go about introducing books that changed one's life to a person she considers to be a Real Life Character from them?
  • 04:29 Regardless, I'm glad it's done. Almost 20 and finally getting the things I've wanted to finish for so long done. My Rosethorn. Smiles.
  • 06:13 Arizona sacking Bette? No lies, that would be kind of hot.
  • 14:02 I am awake. 7 hours. Sounds good to me, I think. Can always take an hour nap later. Love naps! Feel fuzzy. Life feels strange. Hmm.
  • 14:31 Sounds perfect. Pashi: It is beautiful out there. Drinking tea, watching the snow, and reading a book. Perfect.
  • 17:50 "When filling out papers for a female patient, breasts can be healthy or unhealthy: never 'banging DDs.'" Lulzin' at my bra size.
  • 17:59 "Do you know what I've been doing? Besides listening to my Alanis Morissette CD to get pumped up to speak with you?" Me. Yes.
  • 19:11 Got my HPBeholder assignment & an idea. Itchy to start, but must make self go out with friends. About to get dressed and ready.
  • 19:11 After all, it's far too close to the deadline for me to write it. :P I have to give myself at least an evening of procrastination! :D
  • 19:34 Ohnoes, I've got eye makeup on. This shite is for realsies, then! Laughter. Packing a little bag. I'm bringing a book. I'm a loser.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!

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