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Monday: too ill for lecture.
Tuesday: woke up feeling terrible. Called Pip. Everyone agreed the lecture would be ridiculous (by Gillian on Writing Science Reports). It was apparently ridiculous.
Wednesday: suffered through lecture feeling terrible. Went to practical and watched a freezing starving chick. Finally got to warm them and give them food. Went into computer lab and 'did stats' with my partners. We didn't really have a clue what was going on, the lecturer didn't really know what to say, oh great fun.

Bank. I spent two (or three?) weeks locked out of my account just to receive my old pin number (which I already knew), go outside, get in and change my pin number. Seriously?! Could you REALLY not have just reset the darn card weeks ago when I came in?

Buddhist Meditation Society (apologies, it is not Medical Society!). Was ready to take a nap in the hour-break I had before it. Girl was lost waiting. We chatted. She was waiting for a meeting to audition people to read in The Vagina Monologues. I told her that was epic. She told me to join. I said sure. I am now reading one of the sections in the production for the Women Week. This is super shiny. I got to read one of the pieces and it was fantastic.

Actual meditation society I gave Kelsang Loten the Chopstick Buddy to give to Christina. Loten was amused. I couldn't meditate well and felt yucky, but had a reasonable time. Was nice seeing Clarance and Samatha and Chris and Loten. Biked home, crashed for three hours in bed.

Thursday: Got an email that I'm supposed to have a meeting tomorrow some time between 10 and 11. There's just no way. I am so sore and icky and gross that another morning thing when I don't need it just won't work. I fixed up my draft bibliography a bit and sent in in an email to my supervisor. They're group meetings, anyway, and generally he just speaks with the other people because I seem to know what I'm doing. (Haha yeah right whatever.) I think an email-based 'meeting' will work just as well, but if not we can meet next week before I give in the bibliography.

Hopefully I will make it to my 2 p.m. Entomology lecture. It's hard enough to pay attention when I'm well. Last week Jo drew a dragonfly through the entire lecture. I fell asleep in the first half and I don't know what was going on the second half - the lecturer didn't seem to know either. The practical we just sat IDing bugs with keys.

Tomorrow I have my meeting with Sarah and Harry in the late evening, see if we can salvage my relationship with Sarah. I'm going to finish my list of 'I miss...' things tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

Beyond: At least I don't have anything Friday. Hopefully I can sit down Friday feeling somewhat human to a) finalise my bibliography a bit more for the 12th b) work on the bird banding brochure c) start thinking about the lay writeup d) consider working on the end-of-term science communication essay e) whatever misc. stuff.

Ack. I'm ready to go back to feeling human. And motivated/inspired. All of this is very draining and lately I've felt it lacks purpose. No fun.

Kris (starsister) and I seem to be just counting down the days until college/Uni is over. This is not a good outlook! It needs changing!

I'm thankfully beginning to feel tired again so I'm going to head to sleep and get another 8 hours. Hopefully I'll feel loads better for tomorrow.
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