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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:53 Oh sweet relief. Batgirl gave me some ice cream to give me a few minutes with no throat pain. These moments are amazing.
  • 22:56 Ho-hum, ho-hum. School became scary and cry-y junior year of high school. So 4 years of school fear. Oh my. Time to end.
  • 22:57 I also developed a fear of college junior year and was torn on going. Things begin to make sense again. Hmm, hmm.
  • 22:59 Was speaking of impressing the teacher, unsure of ability to answer questions. I've been singing the same life-song since sixteen.
  • 23:08 OMGWTFBBQ the girl I was talking with in 2006 about living in England was living in Sheffield but moving to Reading. And look where I am.
  • 07:44 I am so tired. I feel a bit better physically, but blech on tired. I also have to deal with a chick that has been starved today.
  • 07:45 Today is bad. Will try to make it good but today is bad. Shower, campus, lecture, practical with starved chick, bank, MedSoc, shop, home.
  • 07:46 Eh. Nevermind. My hair looks good and isn't greasy, I'll shower in the evening. Can be more relaxing then, and slow morning now. Better.
  • 21:19 Had a three hour nap. It felt lovely. Shower & eats at some point now, then down to work & TDL stuff. Good good, I guess.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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