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The conversation with Harry went well. If Sarah were as easy to speak with as Harry, we'd be golden. Although if that were the case we wouldn't be here to begin with, I suppose!

Regardless, Harry and I have decided to organise a mediated chat for Thursday night. Me, Harry and Sarah, chatting through with him there to make sure Sarah doesn't get too harsh and blunt (and thus make me break down and give up or flip to incredible anger and end any possible relationship) and make sure that I express myself with enough strength that it has an effect. Find the middle ground between us, just as a mediator should.

I trust he'll make it work despite his close relationship with Sarah. I don't want this to turn into a one-side-against-the-other debate and I myself would pull the plug before it got there, so Harry won't be put on the spot.

I've got the butterfly nerves. But at least I know that for better or for worse, we will have made a solid attempt to fix this by Thursday night - the first time in a year.

I believe the fact that it's been a year makes us two of the most stubborn women I have ever known.

I am one bull-noggined, hard-headed person. But I am going to put my obstinate nature into working through this pesky problem.
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