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I woke up today feeling terrible, texed Jo (Facebook messaged her last night saying I may not make it in), emailed Mark and sent a message to my group. Crawled back into bed but failed at sleeping.

Went downstairs and sat with those off to lecture. Tinboy's birthday is today. He gave me cake, which I somehow managed to consume.

Came upstairs and tried to sleep. Failed. Put on Amargosa (Mary McDonnell navigates) and started a card for him. Emma, his girlfriend, had given him a tophat, soap and beer for his birthday.

The Front: "How do you keep a programmer in the shower all day?" [Stick figure of Tinboy in a tophat opening a gift.] "Yay, soap & beer!"
The Middle: [Stick figure of Tinboy showering with the tophat on and soap in hand, beer on a shelf off to the side.] [Picture of the soap, which reads "Lather, Rinse, Repeat."] "Happy Anniversary of Expulsion from the Womb & Made it Around the Sun Again Day!" ♥ [Silhouette of a kiwibird.] KS"
The Back: [Silhouette of kiwi bird with a heart and exclamation point above it.] "KS Inc." Underneath, "The fat & flightless of tomorrow.(c)" At the bottom, "No tophats or beer were harmed in the making of this production."

I coloured it up again and looked around my room, wondering what I could give him. My eyes hit the Monty Python spam Sass gave me once upon a time. It was resting on my altar because, despite my relationship with Sass now, it's still precious to me.

I thought, "How precious can it be to me if it wouldn't become moreso upon giving it away?" I knew Tinboy would absolutely love it. I picked it up and hurried downstairs. Plucked up loo roll from the corridor and wrapped the spam tin in toilet paper, which tends to delight my stranger friends.

I went downstairs and gave him the card first. Emma was right next to him. They read it together and caterwauled with laughter. He gave me a hug. I handed over the gift and he continued laughing as he unrolled the loo roll. "It's endless!" When he got to the spam he cracked up. We sat chuckling for a while and reading the spam tin.

I'm so glad it was a hit. Tinboy has been a special friend of mine since I met him for the first time last year and told the 6th floor group he HAD to be included in our group of friends. I love that we're top-floor neighbours. He gets me.

Moments like these really do make my life.

I'm going to go back to feeling utterly ill now, laughter. Hopefully I'll be able to nap through the day and sleep tonight. No lecture until 2 p.m. tomorrow, probably just two hours.
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