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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:53 Gods no, not FFIX v-game music! Nostalgia is EATING me right now! It's kicking my arse! Wrackspurts, away! Please leave me alone!
  • 23:40 The hardest to learn was the least complicated. I'm going to go make jacket sweet potatoes and try to be happy.
  • 02:01 No wonder my inbox has felt empty. Facebook totally isn't sending me my messages. I do not approve of this nonsense.
  • 02:57 I always become addicted to Gaia again at such inconvenient times. Blerg.
  • 12:14 My first morning realisation: I am an aspiring SPAG junkie. Someday, someday. Just you wait and see.
  • 12:18 Second morning realisation: Yes, I am actually sick. This is not enjoyable. Great sigh. Thanks, Batgirl, for giving me your plague. :P
  • 12:58 I wish I knew what sort of ukulele I wanted for when I improve and get good. Maybe I should poll all my uke friends. No idea!
  • 13:00 A uke is a very precious individualised item. I want to find the right one! Music's the cosmic dance, to quote Maude! Wish I had her uke!
  • 13:54 Tried to yell at my computer but choked on myself. You win this time, Aspen. But woman up, ya hear?! No, you don't, 'cause I can't talk.
  • 14:58 My house has been infected with the plague. It is all Batgirl's fault. At least I didn't go to Tesco today.
  • 15:05 According to the celebrity face recognition site, I am secretly Asian. This is news to me.
  • 15:06 Apparently, I also look like the woman who plays Amelie. That at least delights me some. I do not see it. But yay anyway!
  • 15:08 I also apparently look like Cybill Shepherd with about 50% certainty. I wish I could grow up to look that good!
  • 15:10 Fiona Apple by 67%? Darn, if only! That'd be rockin'! We've just got big eyes and lips and little nosies.
  • 15:12 I am sorry, but I don't look 60% like Milla Jovovich. That would mean I was 60% of SUPER HOT. Next!
  • 15:15 Oh em gee, Michelle Williams. That would only be completely killer. 67%? Yeah right. :P This makes me giggle.
  • 17:50 Are we supposed to *like* Baltar? 'cause I think he's kind of a prick. And I hate him. A lot. I've been enjoying Adama though.
  • 19:05 What I learned this weekend: I have already watched the Mini Series of BSG. However, I was happy to watch it again.
  • 20:12 Yay for ordering chips and sweet&sour sauce from the Chinese place instead of toast. Film later. Shower now.
  • 20:12 Also, I am discombobulated. I have flailed around and said strange things and there has been singing about a hole in a bucket. Oh my.
  • 21:30 We are watching Jeepers Creepers 2. The bus driver is freakin' epic. I love her. I bet she'll die. The ones I love always die. :P
  • 21:32 The busdriver just died. I am such a genius. Now I have to pretend to like the cheerleaders. Not gonna happen.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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