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[. toaster .]

I am not terribly composed right now.

I have the urge to cut off my head and neck as to not feel my throat any more. This is not a plausible solution.

The only sounds I seem to make are "mmmmrg," "mmmmmmawr" and "eeeeeuuurgh." I make them often, just sitting here with my laptop.

Batgirl has given me the plague. She is an outbreak monkey. Now I am an outbreak monkey. I do not approve of this development.

I have spent the weekend watching the Battlestar Galactica mini-series (yes, that's not very long; shouldn't take a weekend). I have written 48 drabbles (that's 4800 words) from Laura Roslin's point of view. I have no idea why I did this. I blame the plague.

I have accomplished nothing this weekend. My room is still messy, my homework is untouched, the bathroom floors are not clean, my scheduling is not clear. My head is fuzzy. Mmmmrg.

I wish I were a toaster so I wouldn't get sick.

Although I did do this:

It's an amalgamation of all my previous DeviantArt accounts. I am proud I have finally done this. It took me a while. Oh and I watched Better Than Ted Season 1. So I suppose I did accomplish things this weekend. Just not useful things.

The outbreak monkey is going downstairs for toast, because that's what she can eat. Eeeeeuuuurgh.
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