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  • 22:06 Ohnoes, it's a Christmas Special. These ones always make me feel strange with the holiday skinsparks but they're gone and over.
  • 22:26 "What a cute little girl - or boy, if you grow up and feel that that's what's inside you." Oh gender awareness yes.
  • 22:33 Jenna as Janis Joplin kind of made me laugh ridiculous amounts. I am far too delighted when Janis Joplin is mentioned
  • 22:42, this. episode. dies. What is with sexy Latina women and amazing cleavage that kills me dead?
  • 22:49 People keep fav'ing my art on DA as I upload it. But...I'm uploading stuff from when I was 13. Erm, okie dokes then!
  • 22:58 Yup, I can't lie: I like watching 30 Rock more than Skins at present. I am glad to be watching 30 Rock right now. Joy!
  • 23:00 Also, the consensus is in: watching-tv-in-the-room time is better when not wearing any trousers. This is true.
  • 23:09 I am so glad I'm not the only one who thinks of sick people as zombies when things are going around. What High School did to me.
  • 23:28 "Stop sweating, you idiot. What is wrong with you, you STUPID BITCH?!" ohyes, mirror peptalks. Me too. Psyche UP.
  • 23:43 I am also so glad that I'm not the only one who has unbuttoned her shirt to make a situation go away or change. Oh my.
  • 00:08 Norts. Now I really really really want a McFlurry. I cannot get a McFlurry any time soon. And I want unhealthy chips. BAD KIWI.
  • 00:11 "Can you think of anything better?" I dunno, ya ever put a donut in a microwave?" Damn you, Lemon, now I want a donut too. Blergh.
  • 00:53 "Man. There are so many different devices for guys to not call you on these days." Story of my life. Ish. Yeah, that.
  • 01:52 "This is for a wonderful charity called Merkins of Hope." Oh holynerds no, they did not go there. L Word thought time. Lulzin'.
  • 02:09 "It was in your bed." "Aw come on guys, I eat in there!" I feel less guilty for this now. That is possibly a bad thing.
  • 03:39 "Taking up with other women - including more than one Unitarian." Er, oops. Good press there, but at least we're known?
  • 03:48 Ukulele on 30 Rock! The monkey gets a ukulele! I want to be a monkey! ...I am a monkey. Nevermind.
  • 03:59 "I don't have a lot of life experience, but if I have learned anything from my Sims family..." Base my theories on that too.
  • 04:06 LizTinaLemonFey referencing Mamma Mia! kind of makes my life. So much. Squees and hops around. GET MERYL STREEP!
  • 04:13 Do not diss on Bennington! Bennington is a lovely college filled with amazing people! Piffle. :P
  • 10:27 Someday I will learn not to pick up the phone at 10.30 a.m.. But I get so confused when something wakes me up. Back to sleep.
  • 10:28 Also, no, mobile phone company, I don't want to upgrade to contract for 10 quid a month, no matter how wonderful it sounds. I'm broke.
  • 13:01 Ack real wakeuptime. Must be inspired to go to really uber stupid lecture. Must be inspired to go to ridiculously dumb lecture...
  • 13:33 Course right AFTER I put my tight jeans on over my pj bottoms (I did it in high school...) I get a text saying we have no lecture. WIN!
  • 13:39 I forgot how comfortable wearing jeans over pj bottoms can be, once one pulls down the legs of the pjs. I feel warm and nice.
  • 16:05 I am starting Better Off Ted. This should be an interesting journal. Oh, and yum, pumpkin pie.
  • 16:11 "No, that just makes the toast mean. He's not a sociopath, he just doesn't want to make toast anymore." I'm sorry, toaster!
  • 16:41 "How can I know so much about the bonds of chemicals yet know so little about the bonds of friendship?" Common problem.
  • 16:52 "Kids: God's little awkward moment machines." That is the perfect quote about spawncreatures.
  • 17:21 "Well I'm different from other women, Ted. And by different, I mean better." Knock that shite. I concur. :P
  • 17:42 "I washed my hands, you drugged-up fruitcake." I really wish to use this phrase on someone. Possibly me, in the mirror.
  • 17:50 "As scientists with very little money, we suggest you don't see a lawyer." This could have been my future. Isn't, though!
  • 17:58 "How do you manage all those scientists with their egos, and bickering, and full-frontal nerdity?" Uni, in a nutshell.
  • 18:59 What is with donuts in these shows I watch? I'm going to need to go to Krispy Kreme this weekend, or something. Oh my goodness.
  • 19:07 "I'm Asian. There are more of us...So statistically, you're the exotic one." "You heard the statistically average lady." ♥
  • 19:45 "And that is why the otter will always be the jester of the sea." That needs to be said every time I make up with someone.
  • 20:20 I lied, curls, when I said I wanted the straight hair back. You are behaving so well today because I'm not going out. I love you.
  • 20:56 I am almost hungry. That means I am almost inspired to go downstairs to make tea. Pasta with beans. Ah, studenthood. Can do.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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