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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 00:46 Werewolf was epic. My character punched a giant spider-man in half. We burned down a church. Roleplay is hilarious. Nerd.
  • 01:34 Looking at art I did when I was in 7th grade is...interesting. Giggles. This new DA account will certainly be a collective feat.
  • 01:42 Oh my goodness, I was 12-13. This was completely my escape fantasy world. That is kind of ridiculously adorable and a little weird.
  • 01:42 Although I say that as a near-20s girl who just pretended to be a blacksmith warrior werewolf.'re forgiven, young self. Very.
  • 01:56 Ohman, and by this time I had met Cat! I'm addicted to doing this. I will need serious nappage tomorrow. This is a project.
  • 01:58 Awwr, and I was Kiwi. This is all kind of adorable. Only it's about to turn emo again, so I'll have to watch out for the bad poetry. :P
  • 02:04 Oh little 13-yr-old-Kiwi, procrastinating on a Spanish project due the next day. I am clearly a hopeless cause. :P
  • 02:06 "MY GORGEOUS KIWILOVE ♥ *snug* you and I shalt rule the school together next year. Oh yah. ^^" Awwr Cat was adorkable too.
  • 02:09 Oh good green. The emo poetry actually starts 15 Feb, before my 14th birthday. This stuff makes me laugh now. Holy frick.
  • 02:13 I cannot do this, laughter, oh my. 14-yr-old-self would kick my arse for this! I am laughing at her pain! But it's kind of healing.
  • 02:14 Someone should have PULLED THE PLUG on my Evanescence CD when I was in junior high, seriously. Snorks. OK I'll stop. Really.
  • 02:16 Totally forgot that this temp depression was essentially over my coming out and my female crush pretty much dumping me. Oops! Sorry self!
  • 02:27 The transition from 'everything is dark and dead' to 'zomg I'm a lesbian life is thrilling' is ridiculously fast. Musta been on joydrugs.
  • 02:29 I should not take pleasure in the fact that the girl who broke my heart at 14 still cannot draw. I am a terrible person.
  • 02:34 Haha love that I wrote an 'I'll always be there' poem for my friends. But really, if they came back to me now? I still would be. Huh.
  • 02:38 Ohhh first mention of the hip fracture. And even in the mention I was more concerned that I got the ball in the game. :P Oh me.
  • 02:45 My first mention of my first moondays, all poetic in a bad poem. That makes me laugh. What a trip down memory lane. I should be sleeping.
  • 04:06 I am so bad. I am going to sleep now. I am going to zombify tomorrow, come home and nap for real. I can't wait for my naps.
  • 10:03 Ah, blerg. I'm going to need to get lunch when I'm in, since I'm not home 'til after 5. I hate spending money. alskdjf oh well.
  • 10:03 With that, I am off downstairs to consume toast and go to what will probably be a short meeting. And then a nap or reading on campus.
  • 19:15 I am so not into super butch women. I seem to only get hit on by super butch women. I am so over playing this game, thank you.
  • 21:43 Liz Lemon buys cream soda in bulk. This is the final straw. I apparently will be her when I'm a 'real adult.' Mmmcreamsoda.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!

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