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[+] I made it into campus.
[-] Lecture was exceedingly boring.
[+/-] The film was interesting, although the scenes with the chicken farming and pig slaughter houses made me slightly sick.
[+] I motivated myself to bike to Shinfield Rd. and stop in at the bank. Got out some cash for any shopping needs & paying back Harry.
[+] As a treat for productivity these last few days, and from reading Writing Down the Bones so often, I got a jump coronation sandwich and some tea (out of vanilla milkshakes) and sat down. I stayed for an hour or more sipping, nibbling and reading/writing in the book. It was beautiful.
[-] While I was preparing to leave, I heard a man who had been on the phone for 20 minutes complain that his beans were cold.
[+] It was as I was writing a note that said, "Your cafe is wonderful. Thank you! KS" with a pound, left spread over my plate. I was glad they would get something positive as well.
[+/-] I went on DeviantArt instead of working in Palmer. I felt connected and remembered my creative self, even if presently I haven't been able to do art. I made a new account to start using once I catch up. I am going to put up all the art from all of my old DA accounts, with the comments.
[+] Buddhist Meditation Society was lovely. Samatha had me speak afterward. He invited me to be a real committee member with further responsibilities. I said sure. I offered to ask the Newsletter/Newspaper people about writing a piece for publicity; brought it up with Samatha and Clarence. Mentioned perhaps another field trip to the Centre in town; Samatha was thrilled, given we don't have the space booked for the 17th. Mentioned Power of Now to Aaron and offered to find him a copy if he wanted to read it, after warning about the writing style. Samatha was apparently impressed. I didn't understand why. Aaron is having trouble staying in his moments.
[-] I didn't nap.
[+] I cleaned the bathroom, because it was my week last week but I misread. Jujubean wasn't pleased when I was about to do the floors; there is always someone scheduled to clean floors. Turns out it's me for this week anyway, but Sass did them not long ago. I will wait until Saturday.
[+] I have Werewolf tonight! That should be fun. We're probably getting pizza. It will be a wonderful celebration.
[+] Hopefully tonight I will get a good night's sleep, get some good references down, read and edit more. I will have time tomorrow night as well while I'm waiting for Grey's!

[+] Also, clubbing Monday night with Batgirl, Harry, Jujubean and Pirate was fantastic. Had a conversation with Harry first about what dancing can be: self-expression, conversation, meditation, prayer, exercise, fun. He opened up. We went crazy on the dance floor. Pirate too. I got all rainbowed up and had some real fun. I've been sore since, but it was worth it. I need to remember that! Batgirl told me she thought my dancing was delightful, as usual. Giggles. Apparently I dance strangely! Who knew. I just love letting my body move, arms and legs and hips and all.
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