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I love how my compromise with myself when I REALLY don't want to go in somewhere (especially after an all-nighter, although not the case now) is to wear jammies under my outfit.

I am so going to need a new coping strategy when I have a job.

Unless I end up a writer someday.

Then it'll be, "I really don't want to get up and write. I really don't." Pauses to consider. "Alrighty, writey in bed!"

Oh, that.

Itinerary: 1) 20-minute bike ride.
2) Animal Behaviour: 2-hr lecture AMS LT.
3) [Possible] bike-ride to bank to pick up some cash & check that PIN number was sent.
4) Library for reference collection for plant science.
5) Library for any further misc. work.
6) Library for writing! (Total possible library time: 3 hours, minus bank.)
7) Buddhist Meditation Society: 1.5 hours, probably. Regretfully no ride home because...
8) Bike ride home.
9) Probable stripping of first layer, hop into bed. Poss. 1-2(3) hours.

Can get through. Can get through. Yessss!

Icon: Grace the Scientist is not pleased. Want samplesssssss.
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