Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 23:49 I love watching my friend-count on Facebook go down at random. :P But I understand it. 595 is kind of too many people watching me haha.
  • 23:51 I just flipped over the moon at Facebook. Dear FB: I utterly and completely hate you sometimes. STOP CRASHING MY BROWSER!
  • 00:43 Why not to drink squash: it will make me need to pee, and I will not appreciate that. 12.40 a.m. I should be sleeping right now. Fail.
  • 01:39 It is 1.40 a.m. I have a 9 a.m. class. Thank goodness napping is one of my favourite activities. :) Off to sleep with me for a nap!
  • 07:38 Hot water off, don't know how to turn it on. But! I get to be a scumbag! And I can come home, nap THEN shower. :P Win for studenthood.
  • 08:10 Alright, I'm gonna go. Breakfast, bike in, lecture, practical, home, nap, shower. I can do this. Mmmm Nutella. I mean yeah, can do this.
  • 14:54 Win. Picked up wallet from library, activated new card, topped up phone £10 all before 3 p.m. Also dissected owl pellets. Score!
  • 15:04 Called the bank and sorted out the address/pin number thing again. I am on a roll. Going to order my card reader. Jimminy Cricket!
  • 15:20 Called the bank and got my payment over to the landlord. I am on such a roll today. I'm a superstar! Celebration dance. :D
  • 16:16 I got my lip ring back in! Win. It's been ages since I've had the ring in. I'm loving it. I'm going to keep playing with it. Nap soon!
  • 17:17 Nap time! 'cause I'm going out tonight with Batgirl and the gang. Sakura. Somewhere straight! Oh my. Should have fun though. Yay nap.
  • 19:44 Awake from nap. It'll be shower time, get-ready time and eats time. Must perk up for going out. :P I'm going out. This never happens.
  • 20:29 I have on the fluffy furry rainbow legwarmers. Batgirl will be so proud of me. Alright, time to finish getting ready and go eat!
  • 21:08 eeeei I'm super exciiiiteddddd. Putting on eyeshadow and heading out. I look like a girl. This is an impressive feat. Yay rainbow!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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