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[. I don't think I knew what I had .]

I baked with Harry today. Apple something-or-other.

Harry came up, asked if he could come in. I said sure. He gasped and jumped back. "It's a sports bra," I explained, "girls wear them sometimes."

He told me his plan for Sass. He said she would thank me for helping him bake. I went downstairs (with a shirt) and when he told her not to watch or listen, the household started making noises. I made animal noises. Jujubean laughed at me. "Honkhonk! Moooo! Baaaa! Buckbuckbuckaaaa!"

As I was washing up my dishes, Harry told Sass I had helped and done a lot. He told her to thank me. I smiled, laughed and scolded him for the demand. She looked at me strangely. Harry and I tried to do high fives, then decided to chest bump. I knew I would go flying but did it anyway.

I ended up on my arse on the floor, laughing away. Jujubean made fun of me. I laughed harder.

I'm upstairs in a moderately clean room that actually smells as though it belongs to me and not some slob. I'm going to try being Peaceful and live with Humour again.

Because, let's face it, if I ever lived for like Sass saying 'thank you,' I'd be waiting one heck of a long time. ♥

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