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[-] I had a serious panic attack over something Jo said on Facebook, that reminded me of what another important person had told me about myself recently.
[+] Batgirl heard my running to the loo and my heaving breath, so she and Lyshia took care of me. Then I got to chat with Tree & Snoops after that, and remembered how grateful I am for the people who love me in my life - and that they keep loving me through my problems and our problems. And I am so grateful to have the opportunity to love all these amazing people in my life.
[+] I successfully completed my all-nighter.
[-] There was a printer breakdown in the library after Jujubean's printer wouldn't print.
[+] The master's student I met in agriculture last semester when I was doing all my work there found me in the library by chance and helped me print my stuff.
[+] I sat with Claire in lecture and we chatted; it was great fun. Three great speakers as well. Reminded me of how much I admire science communication, and how I hope to do it later in my life even if I'm not as close to the scientific side as I had originally planned to be.
[+] When I came home Jo had left me a Facebook post telling me she was sorry for venting by blowing up on me, Facebook had just been available before Shaun. I thanked her for calling me out on my shite. I may have to ask that next time she do it in a more composed manner, or have a code word for 'I'm not ditching you as a friend,' so I don't have to spend an hour of chat and a wasted scarfed-down Belgian chocolate bar on fixing my panic. The chocolate needs proper time for appreciation.
[+] I slept for more than 12 hours and it was BEAUTIFUL sleep.
[+] I played some game with my housemates that involved writing down lists of words and having matching words with your partner. Harry & I surprisingly got second. We have like completely opposite brains.
[+] I've been uploading fanfic to my Archive of Our Own here.
[+] I finished 30 Rock season 2 and it was amazing. Started Scrubs Season 4 and loving it, especially Dr. Molly Clock.
[+] I'm happy. And it's 5.30 a.m., and I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep. I have a TDL for tomorrow. A lot of it is yaywheenotworkhappystuff, which is good. And thus not bad if I don't get it all done. :P
[+] I'm about to read an Imagine Me & You fic ubiquitousmixie sent me instead of going to sleep right away. I am clearly loco.

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