Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:14 I love Rita Skeeter's song. It sounds so sneaky and pitter-pattery like a sneaky beetle. This paper is draining me. And it sucks.
  • 23:01 My brain just screamed "ARAGOG!" "The Spiders" from film 2 is playing. I have my brain trained so well for Harry Potter.
  • 23:05 This is making me realise that one reason I love the HP films is for the music...because I am actually a closeted classical music fan.
  • 23:08 1/10 journal papers referenced. 280 words. Little break for celebration over starting, technically 2 days early. Then back.
  • 23:49 Statistically significant: Breaks take considerably longer when Mamma Mia! is playing downstairs. Came in just in time to cry.
  • 00:30 I have no idea what crumbs were that I pulled out of my cleavage. That is so not alright with me. WTF? Stupid hungry boobs.
  • 00:36 Oh, Platform 9 3/4 and The Journey to Hogwarts, thank you for cheering me up from work depression for a few moments.
  • 00:38 My mother is the coolest person ever for sending me that. And reminds me of my friends' term 'procrasturbation.'
  • 00:50 Music from the first film makes me cry. The Moving Stairs! Oh my goodness, why am I not an 11-year-old at Hogwarts? :( Do not approve.
  • 00:54 THE KNIGHT BUS! This makes my life. I love that song and concept. In the words of Facebook, "Fuck this, I'm transferring to Hogwarts."
  • 00:58 I think my reward for getting this paper done will be a Harry Potter marathon or something. I don't know. At least one. Motivation.
  • 01:11 I am rambling to my new and dearheart friend about Life, interspersed with Harry Potter. This is a Bad Sign. Wrackspurts are upon me.
  • 01:16 Need to not talk with <lj user="ddagent">. Sue Sylvester & Laura Roslin vs. Voldy & Grinden. Sue/Hooch, Laura/Snape. CANNOT UNSEE. Bad. Baaaad.
  • 01:22 I forgot that Floyd, dog of a friend-family, died. I loved Floyd. Going to say goodbye to his buried ashes this summer. Floyd. &hearts;
  • 02:00 Nonono! The "Leaving Hogwarts" song from the first film makes me cry! Thank goodness on to "Reunion of Friends," CoS. Such a Potterhead.
  • 05:02 3/10 papers referenced, 740/1500 words. Methods & 1/2 intro done, initial results to tackle. Leaving the rest for tomorrow.
  • 05:44 Okay, it's night night time. Tomorrow is another day. Time sure doe fly by when one is procrastinating!
  • 12:55 I am awake. I have an incredibly boring lecture on insects in an hour. This should be super duper exciting... :P Yawns. Wakeup, Kwiibird.
  • 13:00 Kiwi! Up, now! Get your pretty little patootie up an atom! It's time to play school! You know the drill, GO! Pep talks: full of win.
  • 18:59 I am an attention-seeking perfectionist who puts people down, intentionally or no. Frak. I don't even know what to do right now.
  • 19:09 What is any of this worth if I can't keep friends and love in my life? I hate that question, because the answer is 'nothing.'
  • 21:30 Saved this picture on my desktop so I can look at it for inspiration to get a lot of my work done and watch Grey's.
  • 21:34 Jujubean just stuck a sticker to my face & Matt just tickle-attacked me. I love being reminded that I have friends and love in life. &hearts;

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!

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