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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 23:02 It sounds like a truck is backing into my room. What is making that sound? Also, played uke instead of working. Bad me. Bad. It was good.
  • 23:59 Didn't know the story behind Sigourney Weaver's name. If she can pick the name she gets known by at 14, I can too. Even if it's strange.
  • 00:58 Someone is screaming outside. It's nearly 1 in the morning. Living in city-like places is strange.
  • 03:44 Dear online counseling for loan: I hate you for taking so long. I should have been working on stuff and trying to sleep. Now torn up.
  • 03:45 Dear iTunes: I hate you. I'm international. US grandmother gave me $10 iTunes gift card. I have UK iTunes. PLEASE just let me use it?
  • 04:38 Mondays: 1 Kiwi: 0 about sums up my day. Trying to zonk myself the frickfrak out. See you all tomorrow, probably.
  • 12:05 Poot. I think I fell asleep faster, but not fast enough. I guess I'll remember how to sleep Friday night, when the pressure's off.
  • 12:25 So apparently I missed a deadline to send in what project I wanted in Sci. Comm. I don't even care anymore. I'll get it in by noon tom.
  • 12:25 Noon tomorrow being the new deadline she gave. Need to get up and shower. Need to feel inspired for life again. Can do this, really.
  • 12:26 I get to read an AFP/Lady Gaga story (wtfery?) when I make it through enviro stats and get home. Interesting gift to self.
  • 13:10 Alright. Making myself go downstairs for some breakfast and then leaving. Spirits up, Kiwi. You can do this. It's no bug dwak.
  • 15:20 Breakdown in Tminus2 hours and counting.'Doing' stats if 'doing' is actually 'failing.' FML.
  • 17:18 I have the urge to just plop down on my floor and lie there for hours. That would be a Bad Idea.
  • 18:33 Is this what school apathy feels like? I don't even care what project I get. Or about getting it done. Uhoh for bad news. Will try.
  • 18:33 I also NEED to call Microsoft tomorrow, because I have 7 more chances to open Office products, and a science paper due Friday... FML
  • 19:39 Amazing video on youtube; guitar & uke, French song. No idea what's being said, but beautiful song.
  • 20:46 My application to Marla is sent. I am super nervous. But all will have to be good, it always is. Chilling a little.
  • 20:54 "I wore flip flops in public. I really feel like this is gonna be my year." Oh, Liz Lemon, I love you indefinitely.
  • 20:55 Oh, 30 Rock, it has been too long since I've last seen you. When was it, summer break? That is pathetic. I should be ashamed!
  • 21:01 "...and then he cheated on me--" [nods] "--with a lamb." Oh the stories of stuffies. I approve. Scrubs, come here.
  • 21:05 sdflgjalskdj FRAK this episode makes me want pizza. Thankfully I have some, so I will make it and it will be good.
  • 21:07 "I'm gonna buy a dress. And have a baby. And die. And meet a super cute guy in heaven." That'll be my life, but girl.
  • 21:10 "I am making a statement. That if, need be, I will marry myself. And I am not embarrassed that you guys are seeing me wear this."
  • 21:16 Alright I am done spamming you all. I am going to write some things down, go downstairs, put pizza in the oven and read. I can do this.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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