Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

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[+] I stayed up all night writing my first fest fic, for the rarepair fest. It apparently made my beta cry. This delights me in that terrible writery way.
[+] Took a 3-hr nap.
[-] Matt & Lyshia are moving out of the house.
[+] I have pretty much decided I'm staying, unless something goes drastically wrong.
[-] I need to let the house know that just because I always eat alone and don't usually have as much stuff as everyone else doesn't mean I don't need space. I need space in the fridge and in the cupboard. This needs to be respected.
[+] I went to the shop and bought £30 of groceries.
[+] I watched Whip It, which was AMAZING in my opinion, while writing Marla (from Stony Brook) a thank you letter & editing my cover letter, application & references.
[+] Sent out emails asking permission from my reference people; will then send the stuff to Marla.
[-] Did not get any work done.
[-] Still have the science paper due Friday.
[+] Am going to try really hard to not let this one freak me out of my skin. I want to learn how to live. That's what I really want from Uni.
[+] I have Scrubs and we are going to sleep, my little bear friend. ♥
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