Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:09 Apparently I should be: counselor, psychologist, educator, management, politician, scientist, c-programmer or physician. We'll see.
  • 22:31 Also, this is the Streep/Bullock Tie Kiss video. It makes me grin and giggle. I love these ladies, seriously. ♥
  • 22:35 I cannot wait for the Harry Potter part of Disney or whatever. Ohmygods I will definitely be going to visit my grandparents for that.
  • 22:39 Ohh, okay, so my personality type is known for needing approval to feel good about themselves. I twig it now. Still gonna try to stop.
  • 22:41 Jobs: facilitator, consultant, social worker, teacher, clergy, sales rep, human resources, manager, event coordinator, writer. That one!
  • 22:46 I am lulzin' up a storm right now. Oh my goodness. Also, HOW is it almost 11?!
  • 23:17 Apparently can use 'learning ukulele' as a skill for time management. Erm, I used it to procrastinate on Uni work? Hahaha. Win.
  • 23:42 Abbi from Rowe just IMed me! I am so filled with joy! Frak you, Careers Module, I'm going to be a happy hippie when I grow up! ♥
  • 01:06 Uhm...I feel ashamed to admit that I will actually be watching "Valentine's Day" for V-Day 2010. Well. There we go. Truth at last.
  • 02:14 Holy frak I have been reading Questionable Content for more than 2 years now. Time is actually going faster than I thought it was.
  • 02:22 I also remember how THRILLED I was that it was set in MA. And I still am. Seeing my state places makes me happy. It is still my state.
  • 05:13 I love when holiday music mixes in with the rest of the stuff I play. I'm pretty sure that makes me a terrible person. Rudolph...
  • 07:04 Awake at 7 a.m. Achievement. The fact that I haven't slept yet, not so much. But I may not sleep today (maybe lil nap) to get on track.
  • 07:18 Oh, the number of times I wish I could get paid to stay up all night writing fanfic instead of having to get a career.
  • 07:18 I see myself in the future as one of those eccentric women with lots of bracelets drinking tea in coffee shops and writing too much.
  • 07:54 Was so intent on this fanfic I didn't even notice the sun rise. I am loving this fic. Close close close! ♥
  • 08:03 Have to cut 12 words and I'm done with my first ever complete fest fic. This will be a moment of great pride. :D
  • 08:47 My rarepair fic is done and beta'd and sent in. It is nearly 9 a.m. I feel good. Why do I like staying up all night? This is happy.
  • 10:47 I love that shirt ridiculous amounts. I am such a rainbow person. I definitely can't help it!
  • 15:04 Napped a bit. Hopes for today: shower, shop at the Co-op, clean, send things out, work. We'll see what happens.
  • 16:23 Matths and Lyshia are moving out of the house next year. I am not sure what to do about this. I think I will take a shower. =(
  • 17:24 The shower and cleaning were successful. The being-arsed-and-unpained-enough-to-get-dressed-and-go-shopping has not. Hopefully will.
  • 17:44 "I knew things were changing when my Fraternity Brothers threw a guy out of the house for making fun of me for being gay." I like this.
  • 18:13 D'Arvit, I WILL get out of here and go shopping. Jacket on. I am doing this. I am going to be productive for once. Yes I am.
  • 20:56 Okay, I can't really help it, I'm a little in love with Ellen Page. Whip It is making me smile. I think I'll like this film. ♥
  • 21:21 I don't know how to write thank you notes to people I've interviewed with. I don't want to sound overconfident or anything. Dunno.
  • 21:29 Bliss has a similar waistcoat to the one I just bought. :P I approve of this. "I know you're too Bohemian to care, but..." Giggles.
  • 21:39 In the future, so many of my dates are going to mimic this film. Why are they doing everything I love? Adoration.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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