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15 January 2010 @ 10:02 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • 22:26 Awwr. Pip thinks that if I were a type of rock I would be metamorphic: formed of many parts, never exactly replicated. ♥
  • 22:46 My life: hitting myself in the face with my boob as I run up the stairs. I lead a ridiculous life. Yes I do.
  • 23:46 Hit 1000 words before midnight; halfway done, yay. On a roll now. Gonna make some food to keep me energised. Yay!
  • 02:04 Already, this episode of Grey's was so worth watching despite procrastinating on my paper. 3 minutes in and absolute joy. WIN!
  • 05:31 bit.ly/5s2Slb Uhm, despite disagreement on my flist, I guess... yes I liked this scene. And watching it for facial expressions.
  • 05:31 Why do I always end up feeling guilty just because I like something someone I respect doesn't? I feel like a pansy.
  • 05:32 Should feel free to say, "Yes, I loved it!" and agree to disagree. So I guess I'll try that. Yay, Calzone shower scene! No; feel hollow.
  • 05:33 OK, well, 1450 words done; 1 MB paragraph to write, then conclusion. Going to sleep for a few hours. Will wake up and do that. Nerves.
  • 05:41 Right, time to sleep with Scrubs the bluefuzzyteddy. A few tears. Nervous about tomorrow. I can do it, right? Yes I can... I can. Sleep.
  • 10:02 Groggy. Not sure I was meant to work as someone who naps between work, but I gave it a shot.... Shivers. The world is fuzzy.
  • 12:03 1700 words. Just conclusion left. Augh I cannot be bothered with this. Work, Kiwi, work. 1hr20 until leave for lecture.
  • 14:12 My paper is written. 1961 words. Rock on. Little break before finalising reference list and in-paper cites, then editing. Yay!
  • 14:14 Also, apparently my anniversary with my ukulele is coming up Thursday. Facebook told me. Giggles. Will have a paper to do, though. =[
  • 16:41 I just got super excited when I realised Joss was an author of a reference of mine. I get to reference 'Joss' in a paper. Geek on!
  • 16:52 Okay. 5 page paper done. As usual, no time to edit. Next time, seriously, I'll...try. Sending off now, will get ready for tonight! ♥
  • 16:52 AND BY GET READY I MEAN PLAY UKULELE! Holy heck, I can actually play for a few minutes without feeling guilty! This is Very Good!
  • 16:55 Momentary Freakout: ASDKJFALKSDFA asdlkfjalskjf :X I hit submit. It is exploring the land of the Internet. It is no longer in my hands.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
chellix18chellix18 on January 15th, 2010 11:03 pm (UTC)
welcome the weekend with open arms then and lead it to the hands of the Internet gods. hahaha
101mutts: hermione101mutts on January 16th, 2010 03:49 am (UTC)
"Why do I always end up feeling guilty just because I like something someone I respect doesn't? I feel like a pansy." I can empathize with that statement.