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14 January 2010 @ 10:03 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • 00:43 Back from roleplay. Twas epic. Charrie ate a spider. Strawberry lipgloss is epic. Going to stay pretend happie for Andrew.
  • 00:44 Things for essay: bluebear stuffie; charging iPod; chapstick; hard-drive; essay plan; outline; kiwibird plush; energy; pretend joy. Good.
  • 01:24 Essays are poopiefaces. I have my identification information and my title written. I'm...on my way. Only all of it to write left. Poop!
  • 01:27 "If I were a blubberfish, my name would be Paul and I would eat blueberries." First sentence to be taken out later. :P Yay!
  • 01:38 Dear introductory sentence: why do you stink so much? Why do you make life so difficult? Why do I suck at you? Glare, Kiwi
  • 01:41 Dear MSWord: I hate you for not letting me use UK spellcheck. You make things far too difficult to me. Still trying, awwr poo. H8, Kiwi
  • 02:44 250/at least 1500 words done. 1/10th done, and Intro is hard. Plus conclusion is similar. Little break for me. I'm working early! Yay!
  • 03:30 My tummy is talking to me. No, tummy, I am not feeding you tonight. I am feeding you tomorrow before lecture. Be patient. ILY. IDEK.
  • 04:54 I enjoy that I am bringing Benjamin Franklin into my paper. I wish I could include his quote on beer, as Cait suggested. :P
  • 05:32 511/min. 1500 words. 2/10 paragraphs. Will be doing lots of cutting. Benjamin Franklin brought a smile. More to do tomorrow. Sleep now!
  • 19:11 bit.ly/2B1SYB Here: die of cuteness. You know you want to. :) Yay time for shower then working again. alsdkjfalsdkjf. Grey's soon.
  • 21:59 Dear Science: You need to develop some new & useful synonyms for me to use, pronto. I sound like an idiot using 'science' everywhere. GK

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Current Mood: productiveProductive.