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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:24 Well, I'm unpacked. This is where I'll be living for the next 5 months. Might as well get used to it. I'm hot. Hmm.
  • 22:25 People out there are writing essays on Facebook and the grammar check of MS Word. I wonder again: why did I pick this course?
  • 22:50 I know my body has had enough stress when I get another coldsore after having 5 a while ago. Made myself bleed with Viroxin, poo. =[
  • 22:55 I am so not a productive person. This has been decided. Ah well, I'll try to roll with it! Dance party in my head in 3...2...1...GO!
  • 23:14 I am a doid. There's really no other way to express it. I knew I'd be doing this. Looks like super late night, nap tomorrow after meeting
  • 23:18 The code for MS Word that's on the sale packet won't let me register the software. I am so fed up with Microsoft products. Erg!
  • 23:59 No Buddhsit Meditation Society Wed. Makes me sad. =[ But at least I am working and not panicking. That is a plus! Shock here.
  • 00:17 Alright. I think I'm going to read a bit more of this and see what other ideas I get, then head to bed and do more research tomorrow.
  • 00:18 Thank goodness for cancelled practicals that give me time between lecture & meeting with professor! Almost sleep yay.
  • 00:19 Love that I just knew something mentioned in my source because of church - Rilke. Who thought I couldn't learn at church? :P
  • 01:12 Okay! It is night night for me! Tomorrow will be fine, because it always fine, once I stop thinking about it! Sweet dreams all!
  • 02:24 I don't know if it's jetlag or my fears that are keeping me up, but I don't appreciate it. And I want to stop crying now thank you.
  • 07:44 So little sleep. Only heard the alarm 'cause I was awake; increased the volume. No email from Mark: lecture for me. So tired. Epic fail augh.
  • 12:57 I'm glad that MLIA always manages to cheer me up, even when I'm stressed and nervous. Meeting in an hour! Noms on lunch.
  • 12:59 I am such a rebel, eating lunch in the library. Oh look at me cracking your system. :P Back to reading about science. So sleepyyy. :P
  • 16:16 Know what I didn't need? To go shopping, forget my pin number, get locked out of my card and end up home with no groceries. Cries.
  • 16:16 Also can't get credit on my phone to call the bank without my card. I have £5 total right now. World, please give me a break?
  • 21:46 Today has not been productive or necessarily good. But I did finish my first book of the year, and it is by Zephyr, and that is good.
  • 21:53 Also, my housemates and I have to decide who's living in the house next year. By the weekend. salkdjflasdjf FRAK. Melts.
  • 21:53 AND my landlord's father is dying. AND Chris got mugged. Seriously, January? WHY THE FUCK AREN'T YOU OVER?! Goes crazy; rips out hair.
  • 22:01 For two weeks have been trying to figure out what the phrase Duncan uses all the time means. All my relations! Knew it would come. back

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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