Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:03 How you know I'm in tiptop condition: Sitting at home in the dark drinking milk with honey&Baileys watching Scrubs and bitter-laughing.
  • 23:52 It feels strange that what has made my week was a Counting Crows song being in a Scrubs episode. I don't even listen to CC anymore.
  • 23:53 I also vom a little inside every time that someone mentions the new GA&PP episode because I have an essay due the next day. FU, school.
  • 00:30 My mother came in with cookie dough to talk about life. I wouldn't. Now I feel full and sick and I have to apply for housing.
  • 00:31 Think I miss Sherri because she used to just listen; didn't tell me what to do or how: just knew I had it in me & I had to express first.
  • 02:01 I think I just managed to depress my grandparents on the phone while trying to be perky with them. 12 min. convo. Oh poop.
  • 02:04 I know they're talking about me because their voices dropped after my name. Just trying to apply for accommodation. Will not cry. No.
  • 02:19 I sent accommodations an email asking for the application document. One productive thing done with my day. Back to Scrubs.
  • 02:41 I do not approve of the fact that it's 9.40. Or that I fail at Life, the Universe and Everything. Or that I'm still trying not to.
  • 02:46 I was in New England and did nothing with snow. My English housemates have pictures of playing with snow at the house. Sigh. Wish.
  • 02:57 I need to stop feeling so overwhelmed by this course that when I look at the essay titles I start crying and feel sick. FML so much.
  • 03:10 Sometimes I am so incredibly glad that professors can't see what the work does to me. Sometimes I wish they could. Frak.
  • 03:25 Wish I could enjoy the remaining moments with my family/mother, but I can't. Because I just feel tired, afraid&sick. Sometimes hate uni.
  • 05:59 I hate being afraid to sleep. Takes forever to fall asleep, then terrible dreams, gross wakeup. Getting a touch sick of this, yes indeed!
  • 06:22 I am so sick of tears&depression&fear&stress&fatigue. Going to try to sleep. And then I'll have to wake up. Fantastic. =/ F this S.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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