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03 January 2010 @ 04:29 pm
This begins what could be a chain of memes. We'll see. This includes pictures.

A decade in review meme

It's hard to believe it's been ten years! These meme exists to highlight everything that made us who we are over the last ten years. Feel free to fill this out and send it around!

Original + copypaste code can be found here: tehrin

PART I: Flashback 10 years ago...

1. How old were you? 10. Well, 9-about-to-be-10 but I consider my age to change at the New Year, for some reason.

2. In school? If so what grade/year etc? I was in 4th grade.

3. Back then, what would you have expected of your life in 10 years? I would have expected to be hanging out with animals a lot, writing, having fun, having friends… Probably in college somewhere, although I never much thought of such things.

4. Did you fulfill any of it? I think I fulfilled all of it.

5. Describe your everyday appearance back then. Hand-me-down clothes (often torn & ragged from outdoor play), long wavy dirty-blonde hair often tied in a pony tail that went to the small of my back, incredibly short, big hazel eyes, eager and full smile, often contemplative face keen on observing.

6. Describe your everyday routine at the turn of the century. Wake up, sleep in the car to drop Da off at the station, go to school, suffer through class, enjoy lunch, pretend to have crushes, enjoy recess & being the ‘messenger’ for my friends’ numerous fights…Sometimes Mum planned get-togethers for me with other kids, otherwise home, maybe some computer, often reading & daydreaming, often outdoor play. Often sports.

7. New Years 2000. What were you doing when the century changed? I think I was wondering if all the computers in the world would explode, and thus if I really had to do my math homework.

PART II: Briefly describe your life during each year.

2000: Pretending to have a crush on Billy. Hanging out with Elise and the lot. Elise pretending to be a ‘voice from the past’ in letters or something; my pretending I totally didn’t know. A year of great imagination and too many manatees. My teacher was obsessed.

2001: 5th grade was wonderful – Mr. Pickering took us out on science field trips all the time and I got to be a jock. I really cultivated an interest in science. 5th grade gym show, which Mr. Pickering thought was stupid – we had ‘what a wonderful world.’ It was corny. He got his thumb stuck on a fishing hook and calmly took us back to class so he could go to the hospital. My classmates had a crush on his son. I got to be in the class video that Lucy’s Mum made about sciency stuff, including my story about putting a giant frog in my pocket and it jumping out. I pretended to be terrible at math so I could sit at the back of the room with my friends who couldn’t do math. Mrs. Maloney taught us. I realize now it ended up very sexist, with most of the girls in the back getting help and most of the boys in the front doing ‘real’ math.

2002: Terrible year. Bullied by Hannah. Put in Curtin’s class when ALL of my other friends save Lucy were in Maloney’s. Hannah found out I had precocious puberty with short stature and took Lupron to keep me from getting my period. Kristen was bullied by the situation too. Crap year.

2003: 7th grade wasn’t very exciting. I was on team R and was voted most artistic. I played flute and we were all frightened of Wollof’s venomous sarcasm, the lazy git. I lied to my English teacher about doing my homework, then felt so guilty I sent myself to guidance and wrote her an apology letter. I was so sorry for disappointing her and thought she would never like me again. She later told me I was one of her favourites.

2004: Excellent and terrible year. Had pretty great teachers…well, actually, I had one amazing teacher and it made up for all the other shoddy ones. Goofed around in science because Murtari didn’t give a rats arse. Goofed on MCAS because it was stupid; still did well. Was more social, had more friends, stopped caring so much what people thought and decided they were all daft and dull anyway. Started getting more alternative. Came out as bi before 2004. Fractured my hip and ended up in a wheelchair. Got over Sonia. Chose to go to the Aggie. Met Cat. Came out as gay.

2005: 9th grade. Made it through being the handicapped girl. Met Ms. Watson, who changed my life. Made some friends equally as cynical and intelligent as I—although they didn’t put their considerable intelligence toward scholarly pursuits. Was a sarcastic but honourable person, if not a bit distant. Met Mr. Dufault, whom I grew to love. Learned to love my high school. Had my roughest operation with the worst recovery. Got depressed and exploded a bit. Made it through. Chose plant science instead. Started hanging out with Snoopy more.

2006: 10th grade. Met Mrs. Cavanagh, who also changed my life. Found out my surgery hadn’t worked. Got bad grade/test anxiety. Started going to therapy after teachers suggested it. Opened up as a person; became more involved with church and communities. Made many friends and a bit of a reputation for myself. Became well known. My major was pulled. Got through it. Had fun with GSA. Dated Jean for a week. First kiss was shite. Rowe over the summer was amazing.

2007: 11th grade. More Mrs. Cavanagh & Ms. Watson. Had Hoegler instead for English and was less than thrilled. Enjoyed school immensely most of the time. Separated from Dana & Lindsay, joined Laura’s gang instead. Many nerdy parties. Worse grade/test anxiety. Realised I wasn’t going to make it to 21 without a hip replacement; my life quality would have been shite. Chose to get a hip replacement for after the end of the school year. Visited England and chose the universities to apply to. Dated Amber for a month. Went nowhere, broke up. Plant guides, GSA vice president, involved a lot in church. Was well known with a reputation I appreciated. Got hip replacement. Mrs. Cavanagh visited me. Rowe over the summer was amazing.

2008: 12th grade. Angsty anxiety year but made it through. Walked for the first time in ages. Started SAT classes and loved the English instructor. Was offered a job as a tutor and took it. Loved working at NCAS. Dated Rawley for a month, went nowhere, broke up. Kept up friendship with Laura’s gang. Dana & Lindsay exploded at me. Became friends with Dana again, didn’t speak with Lindsay. Cavanagh angst about forced drifting. Regret much of that. Proms (mine & KP), graduation (whatever), graduation party (fun and naughty in the evening). Applied to university & it was a big hassle. Watson helped me. Worse grade/test anxiety, especially with college courses. Did well. Kept up the reputation. Was leader of most of my groups. One goodbye meal with Mrs. Cavanagh. Off to England.

2009: First-year. Bad grade/test anxiety. Met Jojo & my ecology friends. Made friends with the people on my floor; we decided to house together. Apparently got a reputation right away. Most people knew me before I knew them. Had a squish on Sass. New Year’s was epic. Spring term was tricky, kind of exploded a bit. Made it through exams with much panic; second set was easier. Hung around for a few weeks. Came home. Putsed around for the summer because couldn’t find a job. Went to my first music festival. Started playing ukulele and uploading videos. Made new friends.

PART III: Fandoms! We all have them.

1. Fandoms at the start of the decade: Some princess series with four different princesses; Harry Potter; horse-riding books.

2. Fandoms in the middle of the decade: Harry Potter; Tamora Pierce; random lesbian books; Sailor Moon; anime/manga fandoms.

3. Fandoms toward the end: Harry Potter; Tamora Pierce; Grey’s Anatomy; Firefly/Whedonverse; Xena; other bits and pieces.

4. Any fandoms that remained on the top of the list after all those years Harry Potter! It was my decade’s real thing. I really appreciate that.

PART IV: Show and tell!
Post pictures only if you are comfortable. You can skip them those portions if you like.

1. Yourself: Then and now

I was such a water being. Me with a friend at Ferry Beach, one of my favourite places to go—went 16 years in a row with my UU congregation. Love the action pose. Also, note where the hair ends – yup, down at my bum. I loved my long hair.

A still shot. One of the parental, “No, you have to stop and have your picture taken!” With friends on the Beach.

What I looked like in junior high.

Any of those. Especially the silly-faced ones. I make a lot of silly faces.

2. Post old artwork, graphics, photos showing stuff you've made from early on and now.
Post as many examples as you want.

My attitude to school. Done with a mouse before I went to school. Oh, science and Murtari.

My attitude to my height. Which was short. And is short. But IS taller than that! :P I didn’t make it to 5’.

My character. Although before that she was just a plain black lioness.

The first thing I ever uploaded to Deviant art, on Nalci.
The rest here: http://nalci.deviantart.com/

The first piece of art I put on Deviantart as just Nalocia.
The rest here: http://nalocia.deviantart.com/ (Considerably better.)

First piece of art I put on Deviantart as GlorySpectre. I wish I could change the name, but I’d have to make a new account…and I don’t want to do that.
The rest here: http://gloryspectre.deviantart.com/ (Much better quality.)

Most recent picture of my fursona Nalocia, transformed to a margay during high school. Done for my 19th birthday in the most boring lecture I had yet experienced. Then Weed Biology came along and I met with a boredom that was so soul-draining I couldn’t even muster the creativity to draw. Diminished quality because I edited out the notepad lines.

Most recent piece of art, created suuuper quickly and with a terrible inking/colouring job for a trade in a community. It was months ago. I fail at art.

And this because it made me giggle. Me in chemistry. I was told by my friends that my artistic take on my chemistry professor was incredibly successful. Even someone who had had her a year before recognized her before I mentioned who it was. She is an incredibly fit woman. I want to be in that shape when I’m her age!

PART V: The new decade

1. Where do you want to be in life after another 10 years? With people I love, dancing or smiling or drinking or watching snow or kissing or sexing. Just with people I appreciate, enjoying a new decade and remembering back all the way 10 years to when I got drunk for the first time. And then laughing at myself and telling my friends/lover(s).

2. Do you think you'll still love some of the same things as you do now? Oh heck yes. I’ve loved the same things for a long time. I don’t see that changing. I had my father paint a rainbow on my wall when I was 7 or so. I am now wearing a rainbow jumper. I went to ecology when I was in elementary school. My course at uni is now ecology. I used to daydream and write novels. That hasn’t changed. I still love leaves and trees and animals and people, being quiet or loud, observing or speaking. I can’t see much of any of that changing.

3. Where do you think the world will be after another 10 years? Same old stardust matter, new features. I hope the world will be better in 10 years.

4. What kind of technological, scientific, or medical advances do you think we'll discover in 10 years? If I could guess that, I’d be a far better sci-fi writer than I am. Although in some ways I think we’re following the media in that more than the media is following us.

5. Do you think the rise of technologies like the internet will bring humanity closer in another 10 years? Or do you think it will push us further apart? I think a bit of both. Depends on how it’s used by different parties. Brings me and my gangs closer. Pushes some people further into prejudice and yucky business. (I am so filled with wise words. Yucky business. Oh my.)
6. Finally, when you reach old age, what will you tell younger generations when they ask what life was like at the turn of the century? It may look different, but it isn’t really. The same stresses and anxieties of trying to find your paths and niches in the world, no matter how many monitors and flat screens exist in your life. I just hope there will still be real trees around so I can invite them to come play outside with me.

And that's it! Thanks for filling this out!

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101mutts: Britomartis butterfly101mutts on January 4th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
Wow! Love the young Kiwi picture. And the summary of 10 Kiwi years, too.

So you were born in 1990, right? (My brain is not wishing to do math at this moment)
Kiwi Crocus: GA's || Callie Torres || Eccentric.cranky__crocus on January 10th, 2010 04:44 am (UTC)
Awwr, young Kiwi. :P I think of myself hugging her sometimes. Especially given she didn't let anyone else hug her but our minister!

Mmm, 1990 for me. :D 90's chiiiild.
101mutts: Border Collie101mutts on January 10th, 2010 04:48 am (UTC)
Giggles. Good thing young Kiwi was not going to a Catholic church!

Mitheirien: ask me and I will playgrey_gazania on January 4th, 2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
Awwwwwwwww, little!Kiwi is adorable! *squishes*
Kiwi Crocus: Firefly || Kaylee || Chipper.cranky__crocus on January 10th, 2010 04:45 am (UTC)
Grins and giggles. Dankuu dankuu! :D

I got far more attention than I would have liked when I was younger. :P
Kelly: eddie and maryddagent on January 19th, 2010 07:52 pm (UTC)
Awesome meme, and the pictures of young!kiwi are so cute!
Kiwi Crocus: Meryl Streep || Dork Factor.cranky__crocus on January 20th, 2010 12:37 am (UTC)
Thank you. :) Awwwr! Blushes. Thank you so much!