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27 December 2009 @ 09:13 pm
Room, you are GOING DOWN.

Do you know why you're going down?

Because I am putting off both the last episode of High Society AND a shower until I am pleased enough with your level of cleanliness.

Oh yes, you know what this means:

YOU are standing (sittingsprawledplopped...) between ME and MARY MCDONNELL and NAKED STEAMY TIME.

Game time, now! I choose you, hands & hoover!

You are so beyond frakking doomed!
(Deleted comment)
Kiwi Crocus: Xena || Gena || Lulz.cranky__crocus on January 10th, 2010 03:10 am (UTC)
It did alright for a while, but I got distracted. :P But I watched Mary anyway. And now I'm back in England so it doesn't really matter!