Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 00:59 "Oh produce!" has to be one of my favourite things to say. I think I should say that instead of other, more inappropriate phrases.
  • 01:22 I am being tempted to buy a PS1 game (well, two really) just because a fave actress is a lead character voice. I am clearly a dork. ♥
  • 01:38 1) My brother is buying me the trippy video game cause I am a fangirl. 2) Sapph is coming! 3) I have the perfect gift for her. Sweep!
  • 03:12 I don't know why I am currently watching Bourne Something with my family. It is a craxy film. Thank goodness I have the Internet.
  • 03:13 Bourne Anything = lots of moving around, choppy camera angles with explosions & attempts at epic music. Oh, action films. Silly sparrow.
  • 03:40 I just heard, "Did you find Bourne?" as "Did you find porn?" That would have been a better line.
  • 18:07 Teehee, I even responded to the flame comment on my video. Wonder if he'll be frustrated that I was nice & appreciative of it!
  • 18:08 "And I'm here 'til I die?" "'til I kill ya, yeah." Oh, Princess Bride. You are one of my top favourite films EVER. ♥
  • 18:11 "Boo!" "The queen of refuse!" "Bow to the queen of slime... the queen of putrescence! Bow to her! Slime! Much! Boo!"
  • 18:29 "Get back, witch!" "I'm not a witch I'm your wife! But after what I just heard I'm not sure I want to be that anymore!"
  • 18:49 "You warthog-faced buffoon." "You have an over-developed sense of vengeance; it will get you introuble some day."
  • 18:56 Can we guess what time it is, my loves? Oh it's the afternoon before Christmas, so yes, Harry Potter for me! #2 'cause I can't find #1.
  • 19:01 I was right, Toast's Mum's toy chihuahua Nim(rod) looks exactly like Dobby. It is somewhat frightening in the best way.
  • 19:09 [Kiwi sees magical-dish-washing at the Weasley's.] [Gasps.] "What a wasste of water, Mrs. Weasley!" Witches need to be green too!
  • 19:27 "You were seen by no less than SEVEN muggles!" Oh, Sevvy, you're only melodramatic because Seven sounds like your nickie.
  • 19:28 Also, I must fangirl now: YAY! Waves! Hi Prof. McGongall! Your head tilt is authoritatively adorable. Oh, compassion. :) Hi Albus!
  • 19:29 Yay! Hello, Prof. Sprout! ♥ I remember why I love the second film now. Oh Mandrake! Pomona, you make me smile. :)
  • 19:36 Just talked my brother into letting me keep watching. I love Neville in this film. I am such a Potterhead. This > playing Xbox.
  • 19:37 Also, before my brother came in II realised to my proud horror that I know Ron's howler letter in the film word for word. And action.
  • 19:41 I love when I find out that my friends are writing rare pairings, or just neat pairings! Petunia/Snape, whoa!
  • 19:46 "You murdered my cat. I'll kill ya. I'll kill ya!" The most emotion in the entire film, over a cat. Giggles. Poppy in a scene, too!
  • 19:47 Ohhhh, McGongall's eyebrow-look after Lockheart's "I knew the perfect countercurse..." Oh, trio, that was SO convincing. :P
  • 20:04 Funny that I just gave Sapph a polyjuice-potiony-cup and am now watching the film it featured in. She was SO THRILLED. Love it!
  • 20:14 "Sherbet lemon." Pip found out I hadn't had one & almost died. Gave me one, *I* almost did. Mmmm. Can understand it as password!
  • 20:21 I love watching this film & researching to write a fic for a fest. So nervous! Oh polyjuice! Poor kittycat Hermione, mrow.
  • 20:34 "Mad and hairy? You wouldn't be talkin' about me now, would you?" Oh, Hagrid, you are a delightful character.
  • 20:56 "Books can be misleading!" "You WROTE them!" Oh, I do very much love the lines in this book. And McGonagall's face at him.
  • 21:32 Shower and be ready for the 5 o'clock service! Then back to clean, and back out for the 8 o'clock service! Yay HP! Cherry Mistmas!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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