Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 23:03 I am watching Ellen DeGeneres standup on DVD & eating cheesy popcorn with chopsticks. This is the way to get snowed in as queer lesbian.
  • 23:46 LESBIAN DEMANDS CHEESE, CAUSES RIOT. Oh Ellen, I do adore you. You're full of toxins! What a stupid thing to say to me!
  • 23:48 I keep thinking there is a man in my playroom screaming and whooting. And then I remember: surround sound. Ahh, right.
  • 23:50 MY BRA'S IN MY ASS! Is that your bra? Well, it makes your ass look fabulous. We make the ass face suddenly. Ellen ♥
  • 00:27 "Also, a disturbing new study finds that studies are disturbing." Oh yes, Ellen, you are always so right on.
  • 01:07 "You don't WANT that there? WHY would you wipe my spiddle away?!" Ellen DeGeneres fake rapping is the best thing ever.
  • 01:09 "All we have is the Here and Now - and that's why procrastination feels so right." "It is the universe's way of saying stop, slow down...
  • 01:09're moving too fast." Oh, Ellen, your humour makes too much sense. Amen to procrastination, woman! True story.
  • 01:16 "Leave here and remember this: procrastinate now; don't put it off." Ellen, you are far too right. I will follow your directions.
  • 01:17 " I even got semi-colons in there. Damn you know you've messed up a literary lesbian when she stars spewing semi-colons." My life=weird.
  • 01:20 "Demanding snow is hot. In it's own...chill...way." Seriously, brain? You do not need to be punning snow, spank you very much!
  • 02:42 So I screamed, and then jumped around my living room & screamed, & my pants fell down. So I jumped around more and ran around.
  • 02:42 Adelle is amazing. The amount of her amazingness cannot be described. I admire her like whoa, and she chose my original song!
  • 02:43 Plus, it's like I won first because as soon as someone picked the right cover song it was an automatic win for them. And then my song.
  • 02:43 I love Mouse, who won with the cover. She's great! But she's allergic to animals & can't take the plushie. So Mono plushie is mine!
  • 02:43 Hoping that we can do something neat for her to get her a plushie because she loves plushies. I am so stoked. I am crazy right now.
  • 03:18 I went out to check for snow. IT IS FINALLY SNOWING! Hello, snowflakes! I'm Kiwi & I love you! Welcome to my garden! ♥
  • 03:44 I am watching Rocky Horror & singing Touch Me & my parents came home & laughed. MUM BOUGHT EGG NOG! My life is fantastic tonight.
  • 03:58 Finally settling down to read <lj user="ubiquitousmixie">'s story. I am excited. I am going to love it; there is just no possible way I won't.
  • 04:37 "You're...a...HOT DOG!" Now the screen is paused on Susan Sarandon in a leskiss. I approve of this message. Gay evening in!
  • 07:30 Totally zonked out on the couch, which makes me smile. Someone turned off projector. Muggz asleep at my feet. Hate to make him come up.
  • 07:31 I'm gonna look at the snow & head up to my bed. More lounging around enjoying being snowed in tomorrow. I'm super excited.
  • 07:35 I hear the plow from the living room. That is a magical sound. I remember in school it was a terrible sound; it meant probable school.
  • 07:42 Totally didn't notice that my brother's pizza has some mass spicy jalepenos or something on it. Hello, hot mouth! But yay egg nog! &hearts;
  • 07:43 Nevermind - think I'm going to stay down here with my sleeping pug, a wine glass of egg nog and the sound of winter. Couch crash! :D
  • 07:43 A sleeping pug is one of the best things to have, no matter how I complain of awake pug. Adorable, soft, warm, soft sounds, company.
  • 08:05 You guys, I missed a call from <lj user="joyitude"> because my phone is a poopface that dies quickly. This is sad! I wanted to speak with Cabbit!
  • 08:06 But she did point out that my personal message was...not personal, so I changed it and now it sounds like me, which is good!
  • 08:06 I also went upstairs and searched around for my memstick, which has the Grey's prompts stored on it, so I can do some writing hopefully!
  • 08:30 Dear Addison: Why are you being such a silly sparrow in my mind right now? It is difficult to write sexy when you are silly. Love, Kiwi
  • 09:19 I really wish I knew how to do ukulele collaborations. When I have a working laptop. I think it will be a new year's resolution. Cool!
  • 09:25 A friend made this. It disturbed me. Glad I was too busy playing in trees to sit around pretending to do laundry.
  • 09:42 Why am I suddenly craving Bailey's Irish cream? Probably since I got to have a little free while at the airport in Heathrow. Hmm.
  • 10:11 This video is pretty freakin' fantastic. I really want to join up with this HPalliance! Doing good stuff for the DA!
  • 10:35 I think my mind may finally be recovering from autumn semester. Maybe. Although these characters aren't cooperating. I'll try tom.!
  • 10:35 I think I need to just start doing collabs with people who like writing smut. So I can set the scene & they can write the meat. y/y
  • 10:37 That's my way of saying I totes fail. They just wanna lounge around in the tub & have me 'zoom out.' Oh characters & their decorum.
  • 10:42 I am going to stop being a creeper mccreepy now and go to sleep. It's 5.40 a.m. Guess I've fallen right back into old habits!
  • 17:31 Had breakfast with my family (including my brother for four minutes) and am in the den watching Space Balls. I &hearts; holidays.
  • 19:02 I have come to the conclusion that I don't actually like writing smut. I so very badly want to do the sort of 'black out' effect. FML.
  • 19:10 Stuff like this is not cool. RIP Brittany Murphy. That's so sad. =(
  • 19:25 I give up. I'm 'zooming out' of the smut and insinuating it. If someone wants to go back & add it, all good! On to more fun writing.
  • 19:28 It's annoying to know that I probably COULD write H4H-like smut, but I'm uncomfortable doing so unless particularly requested. Hmm.
  • 19:43 "So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb." Oh, Spaceballs. I do love you so. #spaceballs
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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