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Writer's Block: Winter wonderland

Do you long for snow during the winter holidays? Would you prefer to spend your holidays in the tropics or in a winter wonderland?

I ALWAYS LONG FOR SNOW! I have been seated on my couch for the entire evening watching films & waiting for snow. I just ran outside to check for snow again and IT IS FINALLY SNOWING! I can live with having Rocky Horror cancelled if I get snow, and it's snowing, and yay! I ran and jumped around screaming. I have done that a lot today. I would definitely prefer to spend my holidays in a winter wonderland, my hip replacement be darned!

My life right now is amazing.

I picked up my sister from Amherst and we exchanged gifts. We both gave each other rings - she gave me a flowery planty one with KK (KristineKiwi) SS (Stardust Sisters) inside and I gave her a horse ring! It was so stardusty. Her boss gave me cheesecake. Kris & I chatted about Life, the Universe & Everything on the way home - from our Life Turbulence to our Greatest Joys. It was amazing and bonding and connecting and we loved it.

Lounged in her beds at her house. Slept in. Shared our dreams. Ate bagels, drank hot chocolate & discussed Lady Gaga & Amanda Palmer (our shero-people). Got her stuff upstairs. Helped her go through a lot of her clothes to get rid of things. She gave me some clothing. We went to the barn. I watched her play with FredthesillybutboredHorse, ride & then groom him in the cold - it was worth it despite the hip pain. I loved it. Rocky Horror was cancelled so I drove home.

Have spent the evening in front of the projector watching Ellen DeGeneres & now Rocky Horror. Adellethegreat on Youtube commented on my profile to ask if I was going to watch the contest result video - which I had totally missed, because my laptop died and I haven't been going on YouTube given the small screen of this little tyke.

Around 6.10 for when she announces me as SECOND PLACE in the ukulele contest, for my original song about mono! Which is amazing because the first place was automatically taken given Mouse (unknowingly) picked the cover that Adelle admitted would admittedly win - she didn't say what it was, of course, Mouse just picked it on her own.

So first I was shocked, and then I screamed. That wasn't enough so I got up and jumped around the living room. I must not have fastened my jeans because they fell down, but I just kept jumping & dancing & screaming. I admire adellethegreat ridiculous amounts, and she's well known on the Youtube ukulele circuit, so I just can't get over it - she liked my original song enough to pick it as the first original song! And Mouse won first! And MrBarry, another friend of mine, won third & got a song! It's just ridiculous and amazing and AAAAAHHH!

PLUS Mouse is highly allergic to animals, so she can't take the Mono plushie - which stinks a little, but Adelle is going to get her a special collection teddy bear, and Mouse is a collector so she'll love that and it'll be all arranged to be amazing. So that's sorted and I don't have to feel guilty about being ECSTATIC to get the Mono plushie that I actually wrote the mono song for!

I am so filled with joy! I never thought seeing Zoë Lewis senior year & picking up the ukulele would lead me here, even just winning a contest on YouTube with a well-known YouTube uke artist. And for a science geektastic song. I just can't get over it.

Merry First Snow to me! (Back to my Strawberry Kiwi juice in a wine glass, feeling snow in my bones & singing Rocky Horror songs.)
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