Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 23:19 Sometimes I think, "I really should stop reading Harry Potter erotica, there are other things to be done."
  • 23:20 Then I hear kellychambliss' voice in my head: "As a friend & a professor, I say no; you should never stop reading HP erotica."
  • 23:24 And as I finish writing that tweet, I get an email from the fest I joined at KC's insistence, with my recipient. Fate & KC are close.
  • 23:25 Also: WTH did I get myself into? I need to do some serious character reading. AHH WHY DID I DO THIS?! I'm going to fail epically.
  • 00:22 I just had a mini-freakout about possibly losing my McG hat but found it had floated downstairs. Crisis averted. Universe right again.
  • 00:27 It is clear when I do things like put a McG hat over a Buddha light that I have an incredibly strange sense of humour.
  • 00:58 I am off to Amherst to pick up my sister and head back to hers to crash. Wish me luck to not get terribly lost!
  • 21:59 Winter storm coming my way. I'm excited. I wish I had someone to be snowed in with, though! Those are the best.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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