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18 December 2009 @ 01:17 am
Things I love about winter and growing up and my brother and his friends:

Xand&Chris intend to go to McD's. Chris asks if I want anything, I say sure. They ask what I want. Then...
Chris: You wanna come?
Xand: Yeah, want in?
Kiwi: Do I need shoes?
X: Fuck shoes.
K: Sounds good to me.

X: Dude, you're totally missing McDonald's, you're an idiot.
C: [Laughs.] I was thinking about how stupid Kiwi's test was.

K: I got a large?
C & X: Yeah, you did. We got mediums.
K: Oh. I fail. I was going to go medium too!
C: Nope, large. How'd that work out?
K: I was thinking 'don't get large, you don't want large, not large' so I asked...for large. Fail.
[They laugh.]

And their arguing about change. And how well a phone works. And glorious things. Like Chris needing to see Pulp Fiction, and his agreeing to do it some time later, because he wants to play Aeon.

K: He needs something to get him through his final tomorrow. ...which means gaming!
C: See, I know you're his sister when you say things like that. [Said approvingly.]

It's just...nice. It's beautiful and lovely and fun. And who cares that I don't like McDonald's very much. At least I have a shake - I am addicted to them presently, probably because I watched Pulp Fiction not too long ago. And an amazing brother with amazing friends, one of whom shares my birthday and is just a really nice guy.

How did I end up with such an amazing family? So many fantastic people around me? I don't get it, but I am so grateful. So grateful.