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The New Year's Meme

Every year I start thinking I've abused my livejournal - either neglected it or posted only stupid un-fun, un-Kiwi things. Then I get to surveys like this and realise I haven't. But then, if I live my life with some measure of wit and a full measure of Kiwish energy, how could my livejournal ever truly displease me?

Although I think I'm ditching the loudtwitter thing - I'll post the ones I love at the end of the day or something. Even though some people like reading them. I'd prefer for my livejournal to be a bit more organised. :)

Without further ado! The annual 'first lines of the month' meme for New Years - only I elongated it for some. :P

Jauary: I'm reading the One Degree of Separation book.
It feels good to be reading a random lesbian book again.
I used to be queen of having and reading random lesbian books.
I miss that. This feels nice.

February: Finally get to make a post. Not that much has gone on.

It was annoying to have a set of days in which I realised just how amazing it was to have a laptop and how much I loved it...and then have it start crashing the next day.

March: I stayed in bed most of the day today. And sort of nibbled all day. Lots of 'puter.

Looked at some of the letter-notes from Rowe times. Then I was randomly laughing. And laughing. Laughing some more.

April: # 16:34 It's kind of ridiculous how often I forget that long-haired brunette with hazel eyes can be really attractive, just because I am one.
# 20:56 Cristina had a thong in her locker. Reminds me of when I had a thong in my vest pocket and took it out at work. Didn't know it was there.

May: Currently got mouthwash in my mouth as I get ready to go downstairs to eat brekky with Mary.

We did it! Side by side, room by room, we tackled our last coursework all-nighters!

We rock!

June: My Dear Kiwi,

Researching/reading about Minerva McGonagall, an entirely fictional character, is not a prudent use of time in your present situation. You have a revision table that you previously followed admirably. Why are you faltering so now?

You have been doing this since you were 14. Half a decade of procrastination time toward the same character! How much more is there to learn?

I am not telling you to stop. I am telling you to put it off. Do it when revision is through, as even she would insist.

You have one exam left. You can get through this. When you're finished, write Harry Potter fanfiction to your heart's content. Goodness knows the rest of us Kiwiselves ages 14-19 will appreciate it.

[You can even go read through some of your old stories. How do you like the sound of that? Oh, you do? Then do it LATER!]

Sending hugs, Hermione and McGonagall energy,
Kiwi, ex-Ravenclaw, First-Year Uni Student

P.S. When discovering your professor has marked your work and left it in the teaching office, it may be advantageous to put your trousers on right-side-out rather than inside-out. It reduces the confusion, I promise. Also, we must have been a peculiar 14-year-old to obsess over a 70-year-old character. Not that I mind!

l;askjdf;jsdf, ALSO, woman, put your bra on right! You've had breasts since you were 12! It's about time you figured out the mechanisms of your own bra, you silly silly erogenous mammal!

July: My fever broke. I just have a cold now. Yay!

I finished Anansi Boys. Eeeiii, squee, I finished a book!

Last night.
Mother: "And ten years down the road, you're going to be with some beautiful intelligent girl, and you're going to stop her and tell her..."
Kiwi: "Please do NOT let it be the 'I'm straight' thing."
M: "No, worse."
Kiwi: "...I had a pug when I was a teenager?"
M: "Close. You will have to tell her, 'I'm sorry, but I need a pug. I had a pug when I was younger, and I need a pug now.' And she won't know what to do. And what will you do?"
K: "Say, 'If you love me you'll let me get a pug?'"
M: "And then will come the big question. What colour?"

August: I need to connect with people right now.

But people are confusing me. And I'm not incredibly witty right now.

So... I think I'm going to dance it out. And then roll around on the floor laughing over irony, probably with Monty Python in my head.

Sure. That works. :D

September: This post is to say... holy fricking frak!

"Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know officially that your nanowrimo entry ( made it into the LiveJournal anniversary anthology. We just received a proof copy of the book in our office and we're so happy with it—the book is beautiful and your post looks great.

Right now the book is slated to come out in October, so be on the lookout. It will be for sale through, a print on-demand publisher ( I'm very happy to tell you that we're going to be able to give each contributor a free copy of the book (in addition to the promised LJ gift certificate)! We're still working out the details with Blurb of exactly how that's going to work, but I wanted to let you know that it is in the cards.

Thanks for all your help and your amazing contributions to LiveJournal (and the book!).

Best regards,

The LJ Editorial Team"

Win win win! Cha-ching! I am so freaking stoked. It wasn't even a great post, but yay, this makes my life! Given that I've been obsessed with livejournal since I was 13 and I'm 19 now, so wow seven years of my life!

October: I went shopping. I had to take forever because Batgirl was at home baking a surprise birthday cake for Juliette. I bought healthy stuff, like fruit and veg. I got stuff to use immediately, stuff that lasts, variation...I made a list in advance. I'm so proud. I've been preparing meals for myself and learning from my friends' cooking. I'm itching to try a stir-fry some time soon, maybe with rice and my korma sauce. And I'm itching to do pasta with my cheese sauce and save the extra in the old Chinese cartons (plastic takeaway) for lunch.

I came home that day and made a sandwich. It tasted like independence. We celebrated Jujubean's birthday with a surprise party, and she just couldn't believe it. It was delightful. We drank and watched two of the horror films that came in the collection Sass bought Jujubean.

November: I am awake before noon. I woke up at 10.

I just thought that needed documenting.

Totally channelling Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" right now.

December: Kristine (stardust/podling sister) came on earlier and sent me a Facebook message (we keep them going) that was so stardusty I didn't know what to do - I was talking to my mother about it as she messaged.

How we're confused with our paths because we had these clear dreams, and then something changed, and they aren't clear. We are complex creatures and want so much from life, and want to give so much, and want to end up in these beautiful places of love that just may not be orthodox. Okay, knowing us, they WON'T be orthodox.

Wow, it was a pretty epic livejournal year! Published post and Oh! the Places You'll Go and reading and procrastination! Oh...that does sound about right, doesn't it? Chuckles.

Now I think it's time to go pack so I can head home tomorrow. Oh my goodness that is just too much and too delightful to handle. ♥
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