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08 December 2009 @ 05:35 pm
Video Post  
Occasionally I post the videos I've been putting on YouTube. I guess I'll do that again! Especially since I gave the link to another friend and she reported that it gave her some insight into who I am. :) Here goes!

I'm aware a lot probably won't be watched because I've posted them all at once, but that's fine! Watch if you want. :) Hope one or two bring a smile.

This is my favourite Kimya Dawson song. It's a special song for me; I sing it often, when I need reminders of what's important. I bonded over this song with a number of my friends/family: Snoopy, Kristine-sister, Shaya, Toast and others.

This is the theme song for The Big Bang Theory in its full version, written by Barenaked Ladies. It's nerdy on the science - but it'd have to be to be the theme song for that show! :P

I am not completely pleased with my version of this song, but I wanted to get it up. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out by Cat Stevens is one of my favourite songs from Harold & Maude, one of my favourite films - possibly the one I associate myself with the most.

I wrote this song while in Virginia Beach with my family and two other families. It's about going to the indoor water park. It's very like Kimya Dawson's style. Mainly I play it to make me laugh and feel like a child again. I can't believe I wrote/picked chords to 5 or so songs while in Virginia Beach! And my family thought I was up to nothing...

On the Radio, by Regina Spektor, is one of the songs important to the hippie camp I went to when I was 16-17. I love Regina Spektor. This song's take on love makes me tingly inside. It's not the most upbeat song, but it's deep and I love it.

I wrote this song (including a parody of "Kiss Me" by Sixpence Nonethericher) for a contest that required 'kiss me' in the lyrics, and the prize was a mono plushie. I decided I just wanted to have fun with it. That's what I did! I'm not a huge fan of the singing, but the song makes me laugh.

I wrote this as a version of Tim Minchin's song White Wine in the Sun (Christmas Song). I am not from Australia and I don't have a baby daughter, so I changed it for snow and my sister. This is one of my favourites despite that I'm not fully pleased with the singing/playing (or 'plinging' as I would say with Sam).

Winter Song, by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. I love this song. I've connected with Tree and Kris over it. I sing it every night, ESPECIALLY now that it's really December!

Be OK, by Ingrid Michaelson. I sing this song every night too. All I want any day is to be ok, to feel, to know that maybe everything will be ok...and thankfully they happen, sometimes because I've sung the song!

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