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I guess it's time for an update.

[+] My sister has been making my life lately. Making lists with her for what we'll do keeps me going through exhaustion and more.

[-] My laptop crashed while I was speaking with her and Wishi. I think I miss those things more than being able to do my work in bed. Regardless, it's bad to not have a laptop the last week of term. I'm going a bit hattermad.

[+] I have a new ring. It has leaves. I am a leaf person.

[-] We did our presentation the day before it was due, and Jack didn't send me his work until the morning of. I must have saved it in the wrong place because we had the wrong version for our presentation. Simon gave us a break early. Pip had run out of the room to be sick; I ran out with her water and rubbed her back through the break. My head was completely gone when we came back.

[-] Beyond my safe-goof-up (been waiting 10 years for that to happen), I made every mistake in the book for my presentation. I know this because I was a tutor and I TEACH people how to give presentations. I am trying to remember that my most admired teachers & professors have bad days sometimes, and sometimes have to cover stuff they're not good with, bla bla bla. It happens. In the real world I would never have agreed to present this scientific paper: it's rubbish and I don't know how it scraped through peer review into a published journal.

[+] At least it's frakking over. Even though I don't feel relieved or accomplished, it's over. I'm in the small computer lab of Agriculture on a slow computer.

[+] I am going to have a jacket sweet potato and a spoonful of Nutella for tea tonight, because they're my favourite and I deserve it for getting through this day.

[-] I still have to face the rest of the week: lecture, work for seminar, meditation society, work for seminar, werewolf table game or meditation society film, sleep, lecture, seminar with presentation, revision possibly through the night, huge test of fail.

[+] I don't know if I'm in on the meditation weekend retreat because I couldn't give in the deposit last week, but I'll be happy either way because I'll be done. It's not close enough for me to taste yet, but I'm reaching the top of the hill. Then I get to sled down and have a BLAST!

[+] 8 days until I'm home - one day more than a week. I'm going to push to go be the one to pick up my sister from UMass because we'd both love that, and by the end of my term and end of her finals we'll both really appreciate it.

So, that's me. I won't stop being disappointed in myself for my shoddy presentation for a while, but I'll try to forgive myself. At least I have my sister, iPod, ukulele and children's books getting me through. I think I'm going to go read Oh the Places You'll Go! by the light of the Christmas tree in the foyer. I brought the book for confidence; instead I'll use it for decompressing from my day.


[+] I wore my hair down for the presentation, with braids coming from behind my ears, and I loved it. I also wore a button-down with a tie. I enjoyed that. I like the way I look.
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