Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Last night: Laptop crashed while speaking with sister & friend; won't boot; John couldn't fix. One hour panic attack. Lost work, fail.
  • Today: Mourning dead laptop; running further tests; planning hard-drive rescue. In agric 'working' on presentation. BLAIN (r) EXPLODING. x_x
  • Can anyone tell that me and the girl I just retweeted are totally doing the same project? Our brains fell out of our arses.
  • It has come to my attention that if I lost some weight, I could dress up as Laura Croft. This is a strange concept to me.
  • Siege has pointed out that I fail at typing. What I meant was Lara Croft. REGARDLESS, I could go be a tomb raider with a plait and...guns!
  • I have decided that it's immensely unfair that there are people as hot as Ani DiFranco in the world. And that I'm not one of them! Pout. :P
  • Dear email: Please stop asking me if I have V-day plans. It's in FEB; it's DEC. The day is the bane of my existence. SAD. Rawrs at you. LK
  • Jack is going to have his stuff done by midnight...when I can't retrieve it. Looks like an early morning to campus tomorrow! =/
  • I really wish Reading University did something like a Primal Scream. But then, we don't have official finals each semester. Poot.
  • I am going to go completely mad. This week is pretty yucky, guys. I'd really like it to be over and be Saturday morning. <3
  • I just saw a sticker for a mooncup up on the 'this stall has a sanitary basket' sticker. It made me a little happier. Yay green living.
  • However I wish my headache and sickness would go away! This time tomorrow I'll have only two major things left.
  • Pashi brings so much sanity into my life. <3 Yay, I feel capable. Presentation is getting forever closer to finished for me. Yay! :D
  • It's 10-to-9 and I'm still in Agric. Why do I do this to myself? Need to finish soon, head home, clean, incense, meditate, revise, SLEEP.
  • I love the song/poem Checking My Pulse by Alix Olson. Amazing song. Awwwr, happy Kiwi.
  • Julie Andrews, stop singing Stay Awake at me! I'm in a computer lab at half 9! I'll fall asleep! Meanie. Sticks out tongue.
  • I printed out my notes for the presentation and I am declaring it done for now. Home for serenity. <3 Can't wait.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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