Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • I get a warm bath and (hopefully) a visit to the HP exhibit when I go home. I want it to be home time now, so badly. Bath and HP... ♥
  • I guess it's perfect for me to be finishing my NaNo at the freshman year time when I was procrastinating (but finishing) all my springlettes
  • It makes me feel more capable now, given I've procrastinated on my end-of-semester stuff to. I did it then, I can do it now. Right right!
  • 49,000 words. I can't believe I'm 1,000 words from finishing NaNo again. Well. It'll be over, alright. Then back to stressful life.
  • - I just feel depressed because I have to go back to doing my poster. =( And I'm not done. Augh,life.
  • Alright, well, I won NaNo. I guess I feel a little happy. But not much. =( Don't feel accomplished. Feel sad. D'aw, I want break.
  • I'm hoping that getting that good cry out and with uke will help me with this poster. I can do it. I'm Mordecai Ali van Allen O'Shea.
  • All my winter wallpapers are coming up. I do kind of enjoy it. Okay, poster, I'm going to do you like you've never been done before.
  • AND I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO GET PAPER CUTS. Oh yes I went there. You're going down, Mammal Society poster!
  • Oh my goodness I think I only have two 9ams next term. Three 2 pm days. I think my life rocks, even if I have more classes.
  • Birds Monday with Mark (♥); Tues still Enviro; Wed Animal Behaviour; Thurs Entomology; Fri Science Communication. Good good!
  • It's dark. It's 5 pm and I'm knackered. This is not a good sign. :P Holiday music makes me happy. We all hate working though. :3
  • That was so beautiful for an elephant birth, and the baby is precious. Elephants seem to know what they're doing!
  • My schedule for next semester just got re-tweeted. Haha, wtf? But it makes me laugh. Holiday music and thought of eggnog rules!
  • Apparently CJ will be joining my group for the scientific paper group. Also, we are allowed to rant about how terrible our paper is. OK.
  • Whoot! Time to cut down 3,000 words or notes into a 300-word poster! This is going to be super fun. SUPER.
  • I am craving buffalo chicken. This is a bad thing. They don't do it here. Plus, it probably means I'm about to hit my moon. Rawr!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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