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NaNo Complete

I finished my bird census assessment in good time. I did my seminar report the day before it was due.

I finished NaNo WriMo. I don't feel very accomplished. Maybe next year I will, if I do and finish it. Not doing non-fiction again. NaNoWriMo, for me, will always be fiction.

My poster is due tomorrow. I still have so much to do on it. I'm still in the gathering-information stage. Then I will be onto organising it into sections, creating a pretty and efficient design, printing and creating, doing handouts if I want...

I know I've done these too many times before. And I've always procrastinated them, too. I just finished NaNo WriMo on the part of my freshman year in which I was procrastinating on all my springlettes (projects a lot like all these) and doing/feeling pretty fine. Besides depression about not being able to walk, I mean, quite fine. And somehow cheery in my own cynical way.

I hate the feeling of terror I get at the end of the term.

These next 2 weeks will be the death of me. But then, 16 days from now, I will be home. I need to get to there. I need to.

I wish I felt accomplished. For any of this. I hope I will 11 days from now, when I have finished my final thing for the term and go off to meditation retreat weekend.

At least I can come back to livejournal soon.
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