Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Well, that was a 20-minute study in how my mind doesn't shut the frak up when it's horizontal during end-of-term-time. FML.
  • "As I examined my ideals, particularly the validation I sought through unrelenting hard work, I found that they were empty... one by one, they dropped away." That quote just made my life. It probably won't kick in, but it touched me.
  • "I feel sad at how stressed my students get and, during exams, I remember words from a Zen teacher that to 'be adequate' is enough in life."
  • I put off my meditation for 10 minutes working on my seminar report outline. Time for some meditation, chyeah!
  • Hmm. I lost my file for the outline I just did up. Instead of freak out, I guess I will just do it again! It's alright. Cool beans.
  • Just redid my seminar report outline. It's 262 words and apparently MShaw wants the report to be 300 words. That is so not happening. Hah.
  • At least I've got something to work with. Now break, then to bed with laptop for writing. Writing for the (Possibleifitexists) Soul.
  • At least I broke the 30k mark, even if I don't finish. First year I didn't finish I only hit the 20k mark. But still writing. :)
  • 32k. It's so easy to write about the things in high school that most interested me - some of my interactions with Watsonii! Yay for this.
  • I meant 31k, but no matter, 800 words from 32k and I will be there soon. Going to bed at 4-5 a.m. Wonder how much I'll have written by then.
  • If I were a golden retriever puppy, this would perpetually be me. My life is hiccups.
  • 32.3k. Break to pee and answer a few emails, switch positions and write on my belly. Wonder if I can get to 35k before I go to sleep.
  • You know what is ridiculous? I have yet another connection to Cassia/@joyitude. Clearly I was MEANT to meet her in my life.
  • 33k. I can definitely get to 34k before I fall asleep although 35k may be a run for my mindgoo. I will fall asleep soon.
  • 34k and so close to 35k I'll just finish that and go to sleep. I am clearly a crazy loon. I do strange things in my life.
  • I am at 35,000 words from the previous 28,000 words. Not too bad. 15,000 words left. That is so possible. So possible. Night loves!
  • In the words of Neil Gaiman Himself, "My Me hurts." I went to sleep. I woke up many times between then and now. I feel tired.
  • So sick of the waking up at random. 9, 11, earlier than that... Plump. =/ Maybe next time I'll try closing the window fully. I want sleep.
  • I got a 60 and an 80 for my discussion posts in the e-forum; averages out to a 70. Not too bad. I'm pleased. I should be in the shower.
  • Yeah, tomorrow I do have a practical after Evolutionary Biology, so I guess I'll go take a shower just to wash my hair. Don't want to leave.
  • - Think my shirt is a little too see-through. :P Oh well, Jojo will appreciate it.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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