Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Dear Matt and Lyshia: if a weekend is just TOO LONG and you need to smex it up, please take it to your ROOM, not at my feet in the den! L Ki
  • Dear Emma and Tinboy: are you aware that the two of you can exist without being constantly physically attached? Just so you know. L Ki
  • Dear Pirate and Batgirl: You WON'T suffocate without each others breaths, I promise. Plain air should suffice. It's possible. L Ki
  • It's funny to me that witnessing these interactions doesn't make me jealous in WANTING that, but makes me never want a girlfriend ever ever.
  • Sass: "Oh, an ominous gorge." Jujubean: "It's like Finding Nemo!" S & Kiwi crack up. Sometimes Jujubean says the darndest things.
  • Ahhahhah, I thought one of these men in Dog Soldiers looked familiar. Duh. One of them is Kevin McKidd. Hello, horror Owen Hunt! Hah.
  • Hahaha, I bet this role is why he got the role as Dr. Owen McArmy Hunt on Grey's. This screams trauma surgeon. Hahaha.
  • My computer alarm just told me to meditate. Somehow, I can't see myself meditating while werewolves are attacking Owen Hunt.
  • Managed to reserve my library book online so I don't go overdue if I forget to give it in tomorrow. Organising stuff and heading to meditate
  • Alright. It's 9 o'clock so I gotta head downstairs and eat my brekky to go into uni. First seminar ever, egads I'm nervous. I can do it.
  • I've got the hang of GOING to bed now. Clearly all that's left is to...get the hang of going to SLEEP. Augh. My life is ridiculous rhino.
  • Rocky Horror shindig apparently postponed 'til tomorrow. I could be upset, or I could accept...I'll go accept. :D Work time!
  • Kiwi is in england . this is no longer her phone. kiwis dad.
  • My life is awkwardsauce. I was confused at my icon being up and realised my father tweeted for me that Twitter was texting him. Turned off!
  • Just went downstairs and snarfed a sandwich. Finished working on history&philosophy of science for a bit, back to bird census.
  • How you know it is nearing end-of-term: when it feels like half the university is in the library and comp. Room is full at 4 in the evening.
  • Sometimes I feel like a lazy idiot. Like when it's 4.30 in a library and I just want to sleep until I'm dead. And not work. Ever.
  • - this is what i have been reduced to. dear end of term, i detest you so very much.
  • I just forgot the name of my favourite ever club. That definitely means work is taking over my life too much. I need to go be gay somewhere.
  • my facebook profile picture is a picture of rainbow lady gaga. something is strange in my life? what is going on? things are fuzzy goo.
  • - Moments like these make up for long hours in the library working too much.
  • I have four more sections to do on the bird census methods and strengths / weaknessus until I get to go home. Must. Finish. Naow.
  • It is 7 p.m. in the library and there are still far too many people in the computer lab. It is definitely end of term. I am so close to done
  • I have been in the library for 8 hours. I think it's about time to go home. Getting reference and heading out! Yaaaay!
  • I ate way too much and I'm tired but don't want to go to sleep. I think I'm going to take a 20-minute shut-eye rest on my bed. Mmmm.
  • I am going to go rest in bed for 20 minutes and come back pretending to have everything handled, until I do. And then I will be happy.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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