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I have been in the library working (with a few breaks, including for a sandwich and Zoë) for 8 hours.

I am caught up on notes, have the prep work for my seminar done, finished with the Ecological Census Techniques book (oops! Gotta get down the reference info!) and have a great deal of prep work done for my assessment due in on Friday, all though not all of it. The rest of it should be faster to gather. Writing always goes faster when I have all the prep work done well, too. Got a big table done for the strengths and weaknesses of bird census techniques.

(Also, I think the marker will look down and think, "Ack! Tables! Why all these huge tables!" and then remember, "Ahhh, no counting words in the table... silly undergraduates and their tricks..." That thought makes me laugh.)

No Rocky Horror tonight; it has been post-poned until tomorrow. Now I get to go home, make a meal, take a breather and spend the evening relaxing, working and writing.

Hopes: start seminar report.
Finish prep work for first half of bird census assessment.
Write a lot.
Sleep, yum. I be so tired.
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