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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Finished meditating, uke-playing, journal-writing and eating three bites (literally) of spaghetti. Back to work and then writing. Nerves.
  • I have many times wondered what it was like to step on a thumb-tack. I now know that it's actually not that bad, but surprising.
  • Grey's Anatomy Calendar, I blame the blood on my toe on you. Please don't spit out your thumb-tack, Yang. It's rude. Ruddy wench. ♥
  • I get really happy when I go to my desktop and it's one of the ones I used for a really long time, like the happy gum guy in rainbow land.
  • Brain no longer functioning. Computer alarm set to go off and shut down in 2 minutes for me to sleep. Will be going bed. Work tomorrow!
  • It's so cool! 45 seconds and it shuts down. Giggles. Night night, my loves. Off to slumber land I go!
  • Loads have people (erm, four) have talked about Doubt today and referenced Sister Aloysius. Never seen it. Must this change soon?
  • I did not wake up at 10.30, but I think the 1.30 extra sleep was well-loved. No strange dreams. Woke up to an email from Snoopy. Fixed life.
  • I asked MysteryGoogle if I should work on my NaNovel. It asked me what the strawberries were doing on its nipples. I think that means yes.
  • Life is good when your housemate will buy milk and bread for you while he's out, texting what kind you want. ;)
  • Life is not good when you realise you are essentially a useless person until 4 p.m. I need to work and write so bad!
  • Forgot to take my pen out of my mouth when I went to the loo. This is how I know that I lose life-functioning parts of my brain when I work.
  • Two packets out of four read. I swear if I see any more fake 'f's as 's's I will scream. And I probably will. Going bonkers. 5 mins of Glee.
  • I just read a 7-page science article from the late 18th century (I think) and am more confused than enlightened from it. Ack. Ack. Ack.
  • WIN! This packet is short! Which means I should be done with my packets and showered by not too long past 7. Then work on bird census eck.
  • Made it through the 4 packets for his&phil of sci. before 7, score. Bit of Glee, shower, back to work and later food. Harry's fam here.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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