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19 November 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • I think I have thicker skin than I give myself credit for. I mean, crying isn't a weakness, really; I've learned that. My skin is thicker.
  • It makes me giggle that "going Rogue" is now both a Grey's inside joke and just...a joke. Given Palin. So yes? It makes me laugh muchly.
  • bit.ly/2VZxPq WATCH THIS VIDEO, lovies! It made me break again. Palin. New Moon. Rachel Maddow. Cigarettes. HOW DO THEY CONNECT?
  • My entry totally got commented on three times without my noticing while I was doing homework. :P Oblivious octopus much!
  • My current wallpaper is a refrigerator running. That makes me happy and thinks of all those terrible prank phone call jokes. Snork.
  • What I learned from uni today: "Sex allows selfishness. Sex allows genomic diseases to spread. Sex can kill." Then remembered lesbianism.
  • Alright my loves, time for sleep! Playing a little soft uke and sleeping. Oh alarm! Giggles, right. Tomorrow stats, phil of sci, work, home.
  • Why am I such an idiot sometimes? I can be one of the most selfish, self-centred people I know when it comes to what matters.
  • I really wish one of you were here now. I've been a dolt of a friend and I'm worried about people even though it's pretty much over.
  • Just, ugh, I could use someone around to stop the shaking and tell me to stop being a drama queen, kindly, and stop being self-centred.
  • Okay, going to sleep now. And if I doze on Weed Biology? Who the frak cares. It's a bunch of silly out-of-date graphs and herbicides! Night.
  • I am so tired and down. It's 8 am on the day I have two lectures. I need to dress quickly, go downstairs and eat, head out. Don't want to.
  • Why do I have to leave my bed? Really? Could sleep for two weeks. Alright, getting up. Clothes and beans here I come. Hope awake lectures.
  • I'm in the library with Claire (new friend) scanning a packet I didn't pick up a week ago. Stats stinks; she agrees. Practical later!
  • Window seat again now! Whee. :) Got out of lecture an hour early after an EXCELLENT lecture. Time for work and play 'til practical @ 3. :D
  • Val has a boyfriend! His first boyfriend! And he got his first kiss with another first-kiss boy and it is so adorable! So happy for him. :D
  • I just heard a "and she said the HE said that SHE said" statement in the library It made me laugh. People really say stuff like that?
  • I actually got some work done on my bird census report. Working on a table. This is shocking. Time to go do practical!
  • Oh my goodness I passed a stats assessment in a day early. This does not happen. But it did! Woot! Time to go home now. :) Yay.
  • Alright, late getting to bed. It's bed time for me so I can be up at 2. Just finished creepifying an old autumn poem of mine. Strange combo.
  • Sleep dreaming of Sara Ramirez's voice singing! Can't wait for Grey's tonight! Sad to part with it for a while! Thanks, @shondarhimes!
  • Dear enter key and pinky: I hate you. For typoes in @-replies to anyone, entering before I can fix. You are mean. I am sleeping on you. Kiwi

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!