Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 24.2k. 800 words until I'm at the half-way mark. I don't know if I'll be continuing this beyond 50k words. Memoir is not good for wordcount!
  • Stephen Fry: There is no sound on this earth that promises pleasure so thrillingly as the Dr Who theme tune *tingle*
  • Awwr, people on YouTube think I'm adorable and educational! That makes me feel warm and happy inside. Giggles.
  • 200 more words. I can do this. Then I get to meditate and paint my nails and answer emails and work a bit. Maybe put on a film.
  • I am at 25.8k. I hit the half-way mark and the minimum for what I wanted this weekend. Hopefully I will continue to write up to Tuesday.
  • I love Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff. Yes, yes I love you wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. That's what you are, Time. I will use you.
  • Dear Universe: I am going to sleep now, before 3 a.m. Please let me wake up at 10.30 awake and ready for life. New start. Love Kiwi
  • I am not going to want to look at my bank statement tomorrow. I must continue eating cheap. I can do this, loves. I can I can. Hugs please?
  • Thinking of conversations with my sister makes me cry with joy and hope and knowledge that I can get through this, get through anything.
  • Awwr man, I am glad I came to England. I have grown to love my uncle like a real family member. It makes me happy. So glad it changed.
  • I am so proud of Val for opening up in college and trying to get out there with guys. My Val, he's a cutie. ♥ Adorable to hear about.
  • These videos make my life. Little crocheted animals playing mini ukuleles! Oh my goodness, mind explosion!
  • I got a compliment on my YouTube channel layout! And for the first time I did it myself! Awwr, I'm floating on these kind words. Clouds.
  • My Daddy sent me an email! Yay! The NaNo card from Swapbot scanned and nice Daddy words. My feel fluttery and loved! Yay! :)
  • "I have no words to describe how your words have just fit into my being like a puzzle piece that I did not know was missing." Podsister. ♥
  • You know who would like to go to a headphone disco? Me. You know who can't? Me. And why? No headphones. My life is fail. Need headphones!
  • You know you're obsessed with a show when checking clips to see if a charrie is eating a sandwich 'cause she said she didn't like them.
  • Dear Mind: Please hush, darling. I need you a little for my notes, but you are overactive right now. Hush hush. Concentrate. Love, Kiwi
  • No more clips of Jessica Capshaw on The L Word for me. Sometimes I very blatantly think, "My goodness, I need a girlfriend." Ohboy.
  • I LOVE when I'm working on something and thinking I'm almost finished only to realise there is another side. Makes me super happy. Super. Gr

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!

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