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14 November 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • Oh my goodness getting back to my freshman self headset is ridiculously funny. So frakking cynical, seriously. Omigoosh. Giggles away.
  • I love the sound of the rain against the windows and slanting ceiling above me. It's so peaceful. I wonder what time I'll go to bed tonight.
  • You know what is strange? 1) >30 YouTube subscribers. 2) 36% of a novel done. 3) 17.8k random words. 4) Pink lemonade. Oh I went there.
  • Goodnight, my loved ones! I will hopefully see you early-ish tomorrow morning as I clean and prepare for lunch with Hayls. :D
  • I don't know why I'm tired even though it's 11 and I went to bed at like 1.45. Clear fail. Need to be out of the house by 12.30.
  • Is it strange that I almost miss Thanksgiving Break? I swear you miss the strangest things when they're gone. WTF. Thanksgiving.
  • Today is a good sneeze day. Usually I hate sneezing. Today it has been nice. Also I am going to wear a dress today, because I am lazy.
  • Ahhahhah I just pictured Mark and Callie having a work marriage ceremony and laughed out loud. I really do need to get out more, I think.
  • KIWI GET OUT OF BED RIGHT THIS MINUTE AND PUT CLOTHES ON. THEN you can get back in bed with lappy until you have to go. Bed, out, NOW!
  • Okay, I'm dressed and almost ready to go. Dress and flat-heeled boots I've had hand-me-down since 8th grade. Yay. Coat and stuff and out!
  • Wow. In the fanfic world everyone seems to think AZ would respond badly to Callie's workhusbandness. I think AZ would get a kick out of it.
  • I just wrote a song about all the questions going on in my mind and I now see how many there. Flippin' freaky, that's what.
  • Also, I really need to stop writing songs until I figure out the chords to the melodies of the ones I already have.
  • I am downstairs in the living room watching some random man cook on the telly, watching Tinboy and Em play and watchin Sass be bored.
  • With that I will continue writing and try to get to 20k by the time X-Factor comes on. Wouldn't that be loverly. I need to work tonight.
  • Dear couple across the living room: I DO NOT NEED TO SEE OR HEAR THAT MUCH KISSING! This is a public house room. Get a private one!
  • Augh, I am definitely not usually like this, but this many couples is getting to me! And hearing all the kiss sounds and the constant touch!
  • Please, someone, take me away from the physicality of life! I want non-romantic cuddling please! And a dance party. A dancing cuddleparty.
  • AGH STOP THE FRAKKING KISSING OR I WILL GO PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE ON YOU! I am about to say something. I don't WANT to say something, but I will
  • Sass and I are going crazy about Madonna (51) and her boyfriend (23) and his mother (36). Life is entirely craxy sometimes. Oh my oh my.
  • Dear Lindt Advert: I do not approve of you and the fact that you make me want to eat ridiculous amounts of chocolate. Oh my goodness. Kiwi
  • My housefamily and I just cracked up over this guy on the telly with a cat named Creme Brulee and the other Bruno; fed them fish strips.
  • I am at 19.3k words. The words are terrible and snarky and cynical, but they amuse me. This show confuses me but I giggle occasionally.
  • Dear X-Factor: Please do not butcher Queen for me. I will cry. Concerned, Kiwi (I do not trust the public, Simon.)
  • 20.4k! I broke the 20k barrier ranting about health and getting my first ever C in my entire life! Whoot whoot. I am amused by all of this.
  • This reminds me of a strange version of a Glee Mashup. I am kind of giggling. And the song is fitting for them right now. Oh my?
  • I just laughed at Louis saying "autentic." Where is your missing 'h,' dear? Have you misplaced it with your sanity? But you're funny.
  • My housefam just started screaming "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" because the Xmas Coke advert came on. Yay, winter holidays! Giggles. Oh Coke you fiend.
  • Batgirl missed the Christmas Coca Cola advert too. Christmas has not started for yet. She will be watching ITV-2 until she sees it. :P

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!