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13 November 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • I am awake and watching Grey's Anatomy. This is a Good Thing. I was confused at the alarm, but now I am delighted. I have crisps if I want.
  • Alright, I give up on PP, I'm just gonna go to sleep. Tonight's epi of Grey's was meh but still fun to be awake for, given Calzone. :D
  • I am awake. Weed biology is not inspiring. I have to get my arse up, see if I can make a super fast sandwich and head out. Maybe circus soc.
  • My mind is thinking about giraffe tape, because I keep misreading today. My mind is a silly silly silly sparrow place. I hope it stays awake
  • Lecture: boring. Practical: mad scientist. Circus society: juggling. Present: computer lab avoiding stats. My life: Failsauce.
  • My life feels icky because I'm afraid of going to the stats practical and doing the practical and starting the assessment. BOO, you. BOO.
  • Why am I a ridiculous rhino? I'm afraid to go to the stats practical. I'm going to make myself go early. It's only upstairs. I will do this!
  • I made it through the stats practical and now we're going crazy on FB calling Irene smelly. WTF? Life is strange. Lazy about home... Bike.
  • I just recorded my mono song for the contest, nervous out of my mind, but had fun being a ham. And having fun. Yay song!
  • Okay well the video is now in the process of uploading despite that I failed at hitting some of my notes well. One-take policy.
  • Also, I did it a day early - thought it was due today! Win. I can spend the rest of the evening in bed writing. :D After I pee. Bad bladder.
  • I want to be a bucket-filler in my life. Will you help me fill my bucket? Will you be a bucket-filler with me? Please don't dip in my bucket

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!