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09 November 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • I smiled. Shonda: But I can say this: I just watched some very cute Callie Arizona kissing in a cut of an upcoming episode...
  • I love when my friends ramble to me about things I love: UU, meditation and life. Well. Rambling in general. Love! ♥
  • My work is a lot less fun than Cassia's house right now. Although I would not 'do' Cassia's house. ...it would do me. My head = wrong.
  • I thoroughly enjoy the word 'ubiquitous.' It is an excellent word. I wish I had more excellent words in my life. What are your fave words?
  • I am going sleepy-bies and hopefully dreaming good things this evening. Hope so! Goodnight, my loves! Sweet dreams, waking or not!
  • I have some Hot Strawberry and my work. Feelings of motivation, please come to me. I need you here to help me do things.
  • Frak I forgot to call the bank today. Oh well. I'll have to do it tomorrow before enviro in practice invertebrate sorting. Hmm.
  • The way I know I was in lecture after my friend's note-taking? The first quote from me is "Hah! I've seen you imaginary!naked!"
  • Oh right that was Jo. I was talking about sex dreams and she was like, "So you can be, like, HAH! I saw you imaginary-naked!" Delightful. 83
  • I cannot deal with people cutting onions right now. I am legit crying up in my room from onions, and I'm top floor door closed. Augh.
  • Thank you, phone, for sending me a message a week late and making me miss a wonderful time to go out with a friend I haven't seen.
  • I am not pleased with the fact that I want to pling (apparently my brain's word for play-and-sing) with ukulele and my voice won't.
  • Please, voice, co-operate. We are not sick. I am treating you well. Please stop going wonky when I switch from soprano?
  • I crave a dance party. A no-alcohol, all-silly-dance-out dance party. Why do those not occur in my life any more? Sadness, man. Sad.
  • I love this video of Kimya Dawson and daughter Panda: twitvid.com/1DD92
  • I need to go to a different playlist that doesn't have Little Pieces by Gomez in it, because it keeps making my stomach flip and hope.
  • Can we skip Tuesday and go to Wednesday please? Even if I have to deal with Evolutionary Bio, I have time to go to the lib. and work.
  • Tori Amos' "Winter" always cheers me up some. I don't even know how someone can BE this winter-oriented. Really? Seriously?
  • Julia Nunes' "August" makes me both incredibly happy and indescribably nostalgic for something I've never had, high school or any time.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!