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09 November 2009 @ 03:56 am
[+] I got lots of sleep.
[+] I am caught up for word count (13.7k I think).
[+] I SUCCESSFULLY made eggy in the basket (V for Vendetta reference) / eggy-in-the-hole real-life term and I have picture proof.
[+] When I did my victory dance around the kitchen (very spastic, much jumping and twirling and making congratulatory sounds), Harry said, "That's what we do in kickboxing!" and I replied, "This is what I do in cooking!" This could also be the source of my problems in the kitchen.
[+] I made Hot Strawberry, which is what I will make instead of Hot Chocolate. As a treat I picked up Nesquick Strawberry Powder (Nesquick is evil and bad, I know =[) because I loved it as a kid and I decided to try using it the way chocolate powder would be used for hot chocolate. I got hot strawberry. It was amazingly delicious. Pirate agreed.
[+] I gave an egg to Harry and Sass so they could make Nutella brownies, and they were surprisingly good. Experimental cooking for the win.
[+] I caught up on a lot of my Internet life, including much of my inbox.
[+] I successfully made my first (incredibly strange) stir-fry by more experimental cooking. I have leftovers for tomorrow.
[+] I watched the last episode of Trinity with Pirate and Sass and the others.
[+] I finished my evolutionary biology notes.
[-] I still have the other week 5 notes to do plus a load of other work.
[-] I did not complete much from my TDL, which I will need to do tomorrow/Tuesday.
[+] I figured out how I want to play my song about mono, pretty much.
[-] My stomach flipped at the mention of possible romance. Clearly something in me is ready, but I am not ready to fully admit that to myself. Especially when there is no one really around for me yet anyway.
[+] I got over it quickly and am going to sleep happy.
[+] I plan to wake up for noon-ish tomorrow, go into campus with my lunch despite having no lecture/seminar, hit the post office on the way, pick up my phone, go to Circus Society to see if Frog is there and have some fun, call the bank and get some work done.
[+] I am hopeful that something close to that will occur.
[+] I love the people in my life. I have the most amazing people in my life and they make me happy every day. I am so appreciative of the unconditional love present in my life, and the fact that I get the opportunity to reciprocate and spread my love around the world too.
[+] I am so incredibly ridiculously excited for winter break and I really want to take advantage of it this year.
Current Mood: hopefulHopeful.
heartsways: mrs slocombeheartsways on November 9th, 2009 12:14 pm (UTC)
Jealous of the lots of sleep - I was so tired last night but slept so incredibly badly and at 5.30am this morning was literally cursing out loud.
Kiwi Crocus: GA's || Arizona Robbins || Wakeup fail.cranky__crocus on November 15th, 2009 05:49 pm (UTC)
I tend to get my sleep on the weekends.

I am sorry about the cursing! That stinks! I wish you some quality sleep!