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04 November 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • I have started listening to holiday/winter songs already. I clearly love winter far far far too much. It's just so beautiful and lovely.
  • I can not express the feeling of refined joy that this sort of music fires up inside me. I'm thinking of fresh snow against light post glow.
  • Tonight is going to be a late night and tomorrow is going to be a nap day, I've decided.
  • My life is less of a mess in some ways and more of a mess in others. I'm going to clean, meditate, type up a discussion and go to sleep.
  • No writing for me today, unfortunately. I'll catch up some time. I wish I had someone here. Sister, Tree, Sam, Jo, someone.
  • Okay, despite the late hour, I really need my meditation tonight. So I'm off to do that since I've cleaned up. I feel more stable already.
  • Ahhh bombarded by IMs but I can handle this. I can. And I am going to start typing up a discussion post and finding references, I am.
  • I forgot to put out my meditation incense. Oh well, I'll let it burn down. My room hasn't had it for a while. It'll smell like my room again
  • I published something on the discussion. I PUT DOWN A POST. Holy hell I did it. I'll probably get crap marks, but I did it.
  • Alright, I'm going to sleep now. I accomplished many somethings today and eventually was a productive platypus. Tired turtle to sleep!
  • I am tired and I am officially on my moon as of this morning's wakeup. Rawr. But that's good, hopefully less cranky now.
  • Goal: Not sleep in lecture (unless it's really easy and boring, then snoozing is alright.) Augh I love how my standards have dropped.
  • Also, I need to not have so many friends in various locations in America! It is bad for my sleep! Unless I do the nap-wake-sleep pattern.
  • I haven't SERIOUSLY done that since like 9th grade, and it always meant not being that active with RL friends. That I now live in house with
  • I just 'flirted' with a state over Facebook. My life is a strange being. Also I am wearing all black. I'M LOOKING AT YOU MAINE, HUH, HUH?
  • Well. I'm running late. I will be eating a wrap (literally just the tortilla wrap) and an apple, possibly only when I'm in.
  • I am a ridiculous rhino. And so I'm going to get going now. But I watched Grey's promos. I AM SO SUPER EXCITED! Oh Arizona's expressions...
  • I am peeved that I have none of what I need: my mem-stick, my Phil notes, my Phil books. It was intentional, but erg.
  • I didn't think I'd be working on another discussion post while in the library but I started writing and it continued. Now I want references!
  • Okay, I now have three posts done in the discussion, and I think they're quite alright. I tried my best. I like what I said.
  • I'm tempted to not look back later because I don't like debate and I've done what I need, but I know I will look again, haha.
  • Win win win! Now piddle break, work on Ev. Blog notes and some free time before meditation society. Then home! Yaaay! Less stress!
  • Change of plans. Given I just worked productively (and early) for two hours straight, free time instead of Blog notes! Elated elphant. :D
  • (This is my 4,444 tweet. That is both pathetic and cool. It is an incredibly spiffy number, though. I approve!)
  • Alright, I'm heading off to Meditation Society early because it's loud in here and my tummy hurts and I can go read and eat an apple. Super!
  • Jujubean just came into my room to give Georgie a tour. In the process she turned on my light and opened my window. I am too lazy to fix it.
  • 5100 words. Caught up for yesterday. Onto today's writing. I'm getting to the fun stuff! Slowly slowly.
  • Oh my goodness so much high school remembering with my novel and Brittles. This month will be painful and fun.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!