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I went to the bike shop and they blew up my tyres for free and gave me a new little screw-y thing to put on the wheel 'cause the other one broke. (As we can see, my mechanical language is impeccable.)

I am a gleeful gazelle. I am staying in with sweets and junk food. We've watched Star Wars and watched X-Factor while Tinboy and Matths played chess (we are sufficiently nerdy). We're going to watch Hocus Pocus.

I'm going out on Tuesday with Tinboy to the Rock Society Halloween Social. So I'll be going out too. :) Best of both words!

This is a good Halloween. I approve.

Also, Shonda Rhimes @-replied me on twitter. It made me smile.


I looked up at Tinboy and admitted to him, "You know, I almost looked up at you and said, "John, could you go tell John that it's almost time for Hocus Pocus?" He said, "Oh, I'll do it for you! I'll have Matt go tell Matt that it's nearly film time." Matt was also in the living room. We all were. Then it was "Sarah can go tell Harry to go get Matt and John." I fell off the couch laughter and squealed, "Drats, the couch ended, why did the couch end?!" I hurried out of the room saying, "I'm going to go tell Kiwi never to make such a stupid mistake again!" Those were some very fun moments.

Yay! The film is being prepared! Yay for chocolate and crisps and sweets!

Also, I made my first jacket sweet potato today (in the microwave because we had a gas leak a man was fixing) and it was delicious. One of my new favourite meals and so very very simple! Fills me up too. Yum yum.
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